Customer Satisfaction

In most cases, the service that you take from the employee you deal with depends on the ethics of this employee and his mood at the moment of dealing. See what the reasons are.

One of these reasons is the inability of the organization to motivate customers to use a certain method and satisfy customers. If the administration had the ability to measure the level of service and link the employee’s performance with his income, you would find that you are getting a great service. Sometimes the administration does not have the ability to set a specific system for dealing with customers. As I mentioned many times, it depends on the employee’s willingness to treat you well. On the contrary, in other countries you find that you get satisfactory service whether you deal with the perfect employee or with their worst employee.

There is a more serious reason, which is the management’s lack of conviction in the importance of treating the customer well. The customer should not be annoying and should not waste our time while we do not work for him, and we should convey to him the message that he did not buy us. Evidence for this is that you may have been treated provocatively by the owner of the establishment himself. This is a disaster because lack of interest in the customer leads to not taking the customers’ opinion on our service or products and thus not developing them in a way that satisfies them. As a result, our products are of lower quality than those produced by companies that care about their customers, and our services become worse than those provided by international companies that invest in our country.

It seems that there is a conviction among many that customer service is a personal insult, and therefore you may find him trying to convey the message to the customer that they are the same and that the customer must respect him, otherwise he will force him to respect him.

There may be another reason, which is the low income of this employee in a way that makes him not care about his work or the institution he works for. The strange thing is that some international institutions have a low level of service to us, even though the employee’s income is very good. Sometimes in these institutions the employee feels that by belonging to the foreign company and having learned two words from a foreign language, he is better than the clients and it is sufficient for him to be humble that he talks with them.

Real-life examples

Example: Go to the supermarket (commercial market), which is considered a place to provide good service, and notice if the accountant greets you…. Did he say thank you at the end of your visit, or did he say anything to you like we were pleased with your visit…. In most cases, it did not happen, and he did not even look at you, and if you said: Thank you, he would not say to you: Excuse me.

Example: Talk to someone on the front desk for a company or who works in customer service or sales. Note that most of the time he treats you as he treats his friend from childhood, he does not give you any special attention and he does not use the words that are used with strangers to show respect

Example: A friend of mine could not withdraw money from the automatic teller machines, so he called the bank and spoke with someone – perhaps from customer service – and he did not reach a situation with him, so he informed him that he would stop dealing with that bank, and the employee replied to him that a customer or two will not affect the bank

Example: A friend of mine told me about a company that sells cars to employees of a company, and they did not advertise their car to the employees in personal interviews, and the company official said that he would prefer to sell a smaller number without trying to convince the employees of the advantages of the car

Examples from abroad

Example: A private postal company that delivers mail in less than a day, and if the sent item arrives after twelve o’clock in the afternoon of the next day, it returns the shipping price to the sender.

Example: A friend of mine was buying a fast food and found a sign next to the seller that says that if the employee does not smile at you at least once while receiving your order, you have the right to get the meal for free

Example: When calling the customer service of a company, you find that the employee always repeats certain phrases at the beginning and at the end. In the beginning, he welcomes you and tells you that he is at your service today, gives you his name, and then asks you what he can serve you with today. In the end, he tells you to make sure that you do not have any other request and hopes that you will be satisfied with the service. Sometimes you are told in advance that the call may be recorded to maintain the level of service

Example: a company that sells clothes, appliances, etc. When you buy a device, you collect it from the store located in the same place. If you wait more than five minutes to receive your device, the employee will give you a receipt with a discount equal to about 25 Egyptian pounds when you purchase the next time.


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