Your personal Safety Attitude

Everything in the safety program depends primarily on your attitudes towards safety and your desire to perform procedures related to it.

Although you have obtained many safety tips and instructions for a long time, you may not have thought well about these instructions and their applications. Or maybe you imagine that accidents only happen to others and not to you.

To realize this, imagine this story.

Suddenly, an accident happens to a person who is one of your close colleagues, who suffers a back injury due to his mistake and negligence in following safety procedures.

Your friend has gone through many weeks of struggle with pain and suffering and may not be able to go back to work again.

And you know that your friend will suffer from pain as a result of this injury, and that his inability to work will economically affect his and his family’s income, and that they will rearrange their lives in a manner commensurate with their new circumstances after the injury.

After being exposed to this accident, I realized the seriousness of accidents and became more aware of safety instructions.

I improved the level of cleanliness and general arrangement of the site and at home as well.

You are now examining the equipment well and reading the instructions for its operation.

Become interested in safety procedures and instructions.

Don’t wait until something like this happens to you or your colleague to start. You should not learn safety through accidents, but through the proper application of safety procedures.

Now, what is your personal approach to safety?

The proper attitude towards safety procedures must be a personal habit, and the following are some of the characteristics that must be characterized by it:

· the focus

To have a healthy attitude towards safety, you must focus on your current work assignment. Do not try to distract your mind and attention by talking to others or the events taking place around you. If you are tired, stressed, or in an unwell state, this means that you may have an accident.

· Organization

To be the owner of a sound orientation towards safety, you must organize yourself and your work time well, and you must do the right work at the right time.

If you do the most important tasks first, this will help you not to rush in a hurry. Although it will take more time, these extra minutes will save you the chances of being injured as a result of haste.


What we mean by commitment is that you have a genuine desire to complete your work as safely as possible.

It means that you will not abbreviate the work steps or shorten your way to work under dangerous operations, which may expose you to injury. It also means that you are complying with safety directives.

Participation and collaboration

Sharing and cooperating with others means that you are a well-oriented person. You should consider yourself responsible for tasks that are not part of your responsibilities.

For example, the initiative and cleaning the food area of liquids and waste dumped, although it is not part of your responsibilities, will be appreciated by others, and that is better than leaving it for a colleague of yours to slip on it. And if there are risks that cannot be rectified, inform the supervisor.

Remember that to have a successful team, we must share and cooperate.

Vigilance and attention

Get to know me and be aware of the risks related to the tasks you perform, as this makes you know the extent of the risk in them and makes you avoid exposure to unnecessary risk

And finally, remember that:

Your personal attitudes toward safety influence others

Others in your workplace and at home are affected by your attitudes towards safety, and therefore it is obvious that you have a healthy attitude towards safety.


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