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Production is considered one of the most important activities that contribute to supporting the local economy of countries. It includes obtaining many types of products, such as agricultural, industrial, and service. The concept of production is considered one of the old economic and administrative concepts, which leads to the creation of beneficial benefits for people, and the application of production in a facility requires the existence of a set of production processes, which contribute to achieving the required results of production in an appropriate manner, and this helps in enhancing the importance of production. In the work environment, and the start of production implementation depends on the existence of a pre-prepared model, which contributes to reaching the required results in the best and most successful way.

The process of combining different inputs of materials with each other in order to make something for consumption. Production is basically the making or generating of a valuable product, good or service from which people will benefit. The part of economics that focuses on production is known as production theory which has many similarities with consumption theory in economics.

Genesis of the concept of production

The famous philosopher and economist Adam Smith is considered the first to use the word production to refer to productive processes in 1776 AD, and then the concept of production began to spread in most industrial sectors, and in 1900 AD the scientist and thinker Taylor linked production and the planning function as the direct means to carry out special work in production, In the year 1915 A.D., a link was made between production and inventory as one of the means that contribute to preserving the products after applying production correctly, and between the years 1931 A.D. – 1935 A.D. work was done to activate the role of control over the quality of production, which contributed to greatly enhancing the concept of production. Thus, production became An important role in many types of industrial and service facilities.

Production or manufacturing is the name of a very important industry that originated from prehistoric times. Production can perhaps be considered the first human industry. The need for production led to the advancement of all engineering disciplines.

Production or processing, in economic terms, means providing the required goods and services using available resources and facilities. Production activity is a series of actions taken to convert resources into needed goods.

In economics, desire is created through human activity. Production, in economics, also includes the creation of things by man; But it also includes other service activities such as protection, maintenance, cleaning, etc.

Production is any activity and action that brings an element or elements of nature closer to human consumption.

Production is seen as achieving utility and the desire to satisfy the desires of individuals; At the same time, production is a field of human activities in which factors of production are combined with each other and provide goods and services needed by individuals. Production means creating new economic benefits. The concept of production in addition to the flow of change of goods includes all services which are effective in improving the utility of goods and which are available to people when needed.

Economic producers combine the factors of production in an appropriate manner to make more profits. Also, the process of their production activities leads to the lowest costs of production for a given level of output. Thus in addition to production and related issues production costs also play an important role in economic activities.

production processes

The production process is the process in which the different types of resources used are integrated into the production subsystems or processes of the organization, thus increasing the value of the product or service in a controlled manner.

In order for production to be applied in a correct manner, it must be linked to a set of important operations, namely: The production process: It is the first process of production, which depends on the use of all means that help to apply it in a correct manner, and includes manpower, the financial value allocated for production, and the means Productivity, whether related to workers or industrial machines, which contribute to obtaining the final product. The commercial process: It is the reliance on the commercial role of the establishment in displaying the produced materials, whether they are goods that are supplied to merchants, or sold in the establishment’s own branches, or services that are provided through the establishment and its branches. The monetary process: It is the one that contributes to determining the financial value of the cost of production and the operational processes used, and then knowing the value of selling the products. This process assists the financial department in the establishment in following up the results of achieving profits or losses from the production process. The marketing process: it is the use of all available means, which contribute to marketing the products obtained from production, and whenever the marketing process is able to attract customers and consumers to the facility, this contributed to the success of the production role in reaching the desired profit.

The importance of manufacturing

Today, in all human societies, production has a special importance, and all human beings are aware of its role and importance. In this way, in the last century or two, the excesses that have formed in production are due to the inherent desire to find them. Production is a value in the general outlook of human beings, and regardless of the need or goals of production, ruthless competitions in increasing production have changed the face of people’s lives in the West and East of the world and irreparable damage to the imported resources available on this planet.

Until now, more production is considered an indication of perfection, growth, and strength of states, and serious negligence in the attitude towards production and its requirements, and the right way to use God’s grace on earth with many harms.

arr. You run into important risks for which, of course, it is necessary to think fundamentally about redressing this situation. In any case, whenever there is talk about the need to address production, sometimes the goal is absolute production, and sometimes it means local production, and these two issues are separate.

Absolute production is important and necessary for man because production means life and production is growth, it is prosperity, it is work, it is effort, it is employment, it is the use of nature, it satisfies the needs of life, it is personal and public well-being, and its use is better than available resources to solve problems such as unemployment and inflation Housing and move the huge wheel of the community’s economy.

Production is the main factor in creating strength in the economy, organizing the economy, and the axis of progress and development. Production is of great importance, whether at the level of individuals in society or companies that depend on products and services, and this importance is represented in the following points: the development of many areas of public life; Which leads to an increase in the well-being of individuals by producing many products and services that help provide a range of useful things, such as computers and mobile phones. Contributing to the emergence of the global industrial development, which led to the growth of many types of industries, especially the new ones.

Providing appropriate support for economic development by providing the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) with a set of resources that help its development. Helping support many professional and agricultural sectors that were previously dependent on labor skills only, and which over time have become using devices and machines to enhance their workflow. Work on developing trade, which in the past relied on traditional means, and production helped make it more developed through the use of commercial sea and air transport.

production model

The production model is the strategy or plan that is applied in a production institution in order to contribute to the work to achieve production, and each production model includes a set of stages, namely: studying and understanding the nature of products by knowing consumers’ requests, or by identifying the available options. In front of suppliers who control the specific nature of production.

Comparing the various variables of production, which contributes to the use of one of them in order to start implementing the production process. Building the production system by relying on the final choice of the production model, which requires a prior understanding of the need to focus on the quality of the materials that were produced. Modifiability of the model: It is the ability to implement any change or set of changes that contribute to reformulating the production model, in order to comply with any recent developments in the production process, and these developments may include the emergence of new ideas for production, or the use of a group of modern tools and devices.


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