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What is production management?

Production is the process of converting inputs (raw materials) into outputs (products).
We determine the order quantity, order raw materials from the warehouse, and convert them into products
The activities that are carried out to carry out this process are called production management


Production management is the activities of planning, organizing, directing and controlling the process of converting inputs into outputs
Production management is to convert raw materials into products ready for sale and supply them to the factory’s shipping warehouses
Production management is production planning, plan implementation and control, and quality inspection of products on the production line

Demand forecasting

We have to produce products according to demand, producing products randomly that may lead to their remaining in the store without selling
Or they run out very quickly, and thus cause problems with customers due to delayed products
Customers and the market demand a certain amount of the product, and therefore we conduct studies and analyzes to forecast the demand for the product
There are many descriptive and quantitative methods of forecasting demand
It relies on the opinions of the news, salesmen, market study and competitor analysis
It depends on the use of previous data for the request, from which we determine the request for the next period using mathematical operations
Ca average and time series

production planning

After performing the process of forecasting production and the volume of weekly or monthly demand
We put the production plan weekly or monthly
The plan is determined
How much raw materials do we need and inform the purchasing department to prepare and supply them to the stores
The number of products produced per day
Work shifts to carry out the required production
departments that produce
The plan is developed by the Planning and Materials Department or the Production Planning Department in the Production Department

production department

The production department is the department for implementing the production plan
The production divisions differ according to the type of industry and the volume of production
There is a production line, production hall and assembly line
The production line is a sequential line of a product that requires sequential steps to produce it
The production hall is a spacious hall that contains a number of machines and is used in small products that do not require many sequential steps
An assembly line is a sequential line that contains many machines, automatic control systems, and workers
Who work along the assembly line to assemble parts of large products
Where the parts are manufactured in other departments and then brought to the assembly points on the assembly line for installation


The production department receives the production plan and starts implementing it
And the operators of the machines and machines operate them and start the production process
In the production department, there is a supervisor and observer for the implementation of the production plan
During production, a number of quality controllers come down to take random samples from the production line and examine them
And issuing reports on the safety of the sample


After the production is completed, the products are packaged and sent to the warehouses, and then they are loaded on transport trucks to the sales and distribution outlets

Production relationship with the rest of the departments

Many include marketing and sales management, human resource management, and maintenance management within the production department
But it must be customized

Production management is the one who determines the number of products to be produced, develops a plan for that, implements it, and delivers the products to stores
Human resources management, its role is to provide workers, train and qualify them, and set structures, incentives, salaries and job descriptions
Maintenance and maintenance Department of maintenance and repair of equipment and production equipment
Marketing and Sales Its role is to promote, market and sell products
The production department carries out production, the workers are ready and qualified, the equipment is ready for operation, marketing and sales are ready for marketing and selling


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