What is engineering management

Engineering management is a management specialization that is concerned with applying administrative principles in engineering. This major is considered one of the modern disciplines in universities that study engineering sciences. So the engineering manager needs training in engineering sciences and administrative sciences

The history of engineering management science dates back to 1908. The Stevens Institute of Technology established the Department of Engineering Management and awarded a Bachelor of Engineering degree in engineering management, which is abbreviated as BEEM. In 1959, Drexel University added the engineering management program to its academic programs. Also, in 1967, the University of Missouri for Science and Technology by adding the Department of Engineering Management to its academic departments

Subjects During the academic study of this major, the student studies the following subjects: Accounting, Economics, Project Management, Systems Engineering, Management Information Systems, Quality Control, Human Resources Management

Engineering Management is a scientific system that applies administrative principles in engineering activities, whether in the context of planning, implementation, or control. Engineering management is one of the most important forms of modern management required in any of the engineering activities and events. Engineering management is considered one of the most important factors on which the success or failure of engineering work depends, and it is the most required administrative discipline in business organizations, especially in specialized engineering companies. Sub-disciplines in the field of business administration that graduate students are accepted for.

And what is meant by engineering management is: the art of directing the efforts of workers to obtain high productivity and high quality, which works to avoid losses, increase profits, and provide an element of security and safety. Humanity and the resources necessary to implement projects and bring them out of the realm of thinking and planning into implementation and use.

The engineering management of the project is considered one of the most important elements contributing to the success or failure of the work. It is no secret that the management in any field is of special importance in the success of the work, especially in the field of construction projects, which are considered more complex administratively and practically than most other fields of management, and as a simple comparison In order to appreciate the importance of this, a car factory, for example, if it produces a car and conducts tests on it, it can simply modify it until obtaining the required product and then copy it to large numbers, without significant loss neither in time nor in cost, while urban projects cannot build a project and then modify it completely. Rather, all defects must be foreseen in advance and avoided, and here it is necessary to have good management, leadership ingenuity, and the genius of finding solutions and alternatives. Recently, the specialty of project management has been taught as postgraduate studies (Masters and Ph.D.) in many universities. Indeed, there are multiple disciplines within this science generated from the intermarriage of the two ancient sciences, management and civil engineering. Many experts advise that the applicant for this specialization should have a leadership and managerial instinct (personality) to succeed in running his project.


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