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What do you know about the industrial engineering major

The industrial engineering major is one of the important disciplines in the engineering fields, as it includes knowing how to perform different operations, to make them work better. In this way, industrial engineering is concerned with the design, development, operation, and testing of industrial systems. It is also concerned with improving work and production methods; In order to reach everything that is better, such as reducing production costs, increasing the efficiency of operations, and improving the quality of products and services, and relying on building these systems on various sciences, such as physics and mathematics, in addition to engineering principles in design and analysis, in order to achieve the goal of increasing the efficiency of industrial systems in various fields. sectors.


What are the advantages of studying industrial engineering?

The industrial engineering major is one of the important majors. In view of the constant need for this specialization, the industrial sector is still considered a basic pillar of growth for countries and societies, and the industrial engineer after graduation finds many opportunities for work, due to the escalating need for graduate generations in the field of industrial engineering after the complexity of industrial organizations and modern services, because engineering The industrial sector still plays a major role in emphasizing the quality of services and products, in addition to increasing productivity.


Fields of work in industrial engineering after graduation

The industrial engineering major is one of the sectors rich in job opportunities, and it has many prospects that provide great opportunities for its specialist, and among the fields covered by industrial engineering:


In the field of planning: selecting project sites, production planning, maintenance and warehouse management.
In the field of production: designing production systems and lines and designing facilities.
In the field of development: systems analysis and solving industrial and administrative problems.
In the field of projects: preparing technical and economic feasibility studies, setting and monitoring implementation schedules, and supervising project planning and implementation.
In the field of management: measuring, analyzing and improving productivity and designing work systems and methods.
In Information Technology: designing factory automation and controlling systems and processes using computers.
In mail distribution systems: designing highly efficient transport systems, high sorting systems, and distribution networks.
In transportation: operating airports, scheduling flights, organizing container shipments and receiving them at ports, and planning land transport, including networks.
In health care systems: such as managing hospitals, scheduling the containment capabilities of health units, reducing costs, improving the quality of health services, and developing systems to control the management of medicines and health supplies.
In the research field: through research centers, or follow-up in postgraduate programs to work in the academic field.


What are the departments of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering?

The industrial engineering major is one of the important disciplines in engineering. The industrial engineering program is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills in physics, mathematics, and the use of computers to develop and apply their capabilities in the industrial engineering major, with its subsections, such as responsibilities related to production systems, and systems engineering. Manufacturing, Industrial Process Systems Engineering, Human Factors Engineering, Quality, Safety and Maintenance Systems Engineering.


The most important subjects and courses included in the industrial engineering major

The subjects taught in the industrial engineering major are similar from one university to another, and each university has its own requirements for courses, and among the subjects that are found in most universities:


Engineering statistics
Operations Research
Facilities planning
Production planning and control
Design of industrial machines
properties of engineering materials
Engineering Mathematics
Refractory and fluid science
metallurgical processes
production operations
Formation of minerals
general physics
general chemistry
Practical general chemistry
Metrology and engineering measurements laboratory
Materials Properties Laboratory
Refractory and Fluid Science Laboratory
Process engineering and work measurements laboratory
Metrology and engineering measurements
Human factors engineering
electrical engineering


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