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What are supply chains?

Supply Chain

From the name, it is a series of businesses and activities, and these businesses and activities are related to the supply or supply of goods, services, and information from the initial stage to the final stage, which is the stage of consumption. It is also called supply chains.

Supply chains include

– Planning, control and coordination of supply
– Communication and coordination between the different departments that fall within the supply chains
– Logistics activities of storage, handling, transportation and distribution we have talked about
Logistics essay on logistics activities
Materials management and demand forecasting
-purchase management
Packaging and marketing
-customers service

The difference between supply chain and logistics

Logistics is part of supply chains
Because logistics are activities within supply chains
Logistics is an activity
Warehousing, transportation, communication, quality and cost control
While supply chains include broader areas
Such as planning, organizing and integrating parts of supply chains
Oversight and supervision of activities and coordination between
Entities within the supply chain
Lots of definitions and books consider logistics the same
supply chains
They consider supply chain activities the same as logistics activities
Planning, control and marketing are also logistical activities
But it is better to consider that the activities of management are planning, control and supervision
Coordinating and designing advertising and managing materials and procurement from supply chain activities

Materials management and demand forecasting

We also talked about in more than one article that the stock is a large capital
Accumulation, permeability, or damage that causes a great loss
Hence the material management
Planning and studying the market and demand
And sudden requests and requests for seasons
Thus, the quantities required to be supplied to the factory or establishment are determined
From raw materials, spare parts or others
And it produces the specified quantities of products based on forecasting demand
and customer study
And produce suitable quantity according to demand
The process of forecasting demand and studying the market is not easy
There are volatile market conditions
Increasing competition between companies
The change and volatility of customer desires
Marketing planning and successful marketing campaign
Affects the volume of demand for products and their purchase

purchase management

Purchases are everything that the company or establishment buys
For use in manufacturing or production as equipment and raw materials
and spare parts
The company needs to select the best suppliers
And negotiating with him and completing the supply operations
The supply must be of the correct quantity and quality
At the right time and at the right cost
There are many suppliers and each one has characteristics
And features are chosen most appropriate for the company or institution
In accordance with her wishes and planning

Marketing and customer service

Marketing and customer service plays a big role in the success of the sales process
for products
If there is strong marketing, there is a great demand for products
This is where supply chains fulfill a need
clients, at the right time and with the right quality
delay or poor quality
Causing work aversion and annoyance, and thus losing it
As the process of customer service and study
Help retain them and win new clients
And produce products that meet their desires

Supply chains, international and electronic trade

Supply chains play a pivotal role in international trade and e-commerce
Companies have become beyond the borders of their lands and are exporting
Thousands and millions of products abroad and imported
Hundreds of pieces from oversea suppliers
Many products contain thousands of pieces
The companies supply many parts from other suppliers
To reduce costs and speed up delivery
Companies like IBM, Apple, and others
It imports many parts for its devices from Japanese, Korean and Chinese companies
Such as memories, screens and some other parts
The final product is assembled in the company’s factories
As for e-commerce, it is the process of buying over the Internet
There are big companies like Amazon and Alibaba
It achieved a large market value in the billions of dollars
As a result of attracting a lot of customers to buy from the Internet
As a result of the many facilities and advantages of purchasing from the Internet


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