Studying effect of different work shifts on the performance of nursing staff

With the increase in the population in the world in general, the need has emerged to provide medical services to them and work to raise and improve them, and one of the most important factors that guarantee the provision of these services at a high level is to provide them around the clock, and in order for the responsible authorities to be able to do so, work has been approved in The shift system, and one of the most prominent problems that faced this system was the suffering of workers in this sector from psychological, social and health problems, in addition to the occurrence of medical errors and exposure to accidents while performing their work.

In this study, light was highlighted on the problems caused by working in shifts for patients working in Palestinian public and private hospitals, in addition to discussing the existence of criteria according to which nurses working in the shift system are selected. The study also touched on sleep problems and insomnia caused by working in shifts.

Part of the study is to look at the factors that control the amount of work pressure between different shifts, while the last part of the study has discussed employee satisfaction financially and morally. The results showed that nurses working in shifts suffer from health problems that may be chronic diseases or expose them to successive health setbacks. As for psychological and social problems, they have a lot of problems, as they suffer from permanent isolation and weakness in social relations.

The results also showed that there are no criteria for selecting nurses working in shifts on the basis of and when distributing shifts among themselves. The study included an analysis of all the previous problems through a comparison between nurses working in shifts and nurses working in one shift. These problems were also analyzed according to several demographic variables for nurses, such as age, gender, and others.

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