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According to the Institute of Industrial Engineers IIE, industrial engineering is that engineering that is concerned with the design, development, and building of an integrated system consisting of people, materials, information, machines, and energy. It requires specialized knowledge and skill in mathematics, physics, social sciences and management all together, in addition to the basics and methods of engineering analysis and design in order to know, predict and find the results obtained from the system.

It is worth noting that although the word industrial, as it is known and commonly, is associated with industrial establishments, it applies to any institution and organization, so we can apply the principles, concepts and tools of industrial engineering in all sectors, whether they are production (factories) or services (consulting institutions, Hospitals, banks…etc).


Achieving excellence in teaching industrial engineering, community service and applied research, in order to supply the local and regional markets with highly qualified and efficient graduates.

the message:

Contribute effectively to the progress and development of the Palestinian society by preparing distinguished and professional industrial engineers, based on an interactive study plan with current and future needs, scientific research oriented to market needs, qualified educational cadres, efficient infrastructure, effective training on the latest technology, and a positive and comfortable environment for students and members of the teaching and administrative staff.


Apply various tools and methods in industrial engineering in an effective and integrated manner to solve realistic problems to meet the needs of various sectors.
That graduates become leaders in their profession armed with professional and ethical responsibility.
Success in work, whether at home or abroad, and the constant pursuit of continuous learning.


65589 Safety Engineering and Human Factors Laboratory

Anthropometer (body dimension meter)
Flue Gas Analyzer
CFM meter
Microdust pro
Sound level meter
Light Level Meter
Skills acquired from the Safety Engineering and Human Factors Laboratory (65589):

The ability to analyze data from experiments, perform simple calculations, and conduct experiments in the laboratory.
Ability to work within a team.
The ability to propose practical solutions to safety problems through experiments and projects.
Ability to prepare a weekly report.

Engineering Materials and Mining Laboratory (65325)

Brook’s pendulum tester
Universal material testing machine
Torsion Testing Machine
Grinding machine
Polishing machine
Microscope with screen support
Vickers hardness tester
Brinell hadness tester
Rubber block

Skills acquired from the Laboratory of Engineering Materials and Mining (65325):

The student should be able to collect and analyze data from experiments and explain the factors that influence the results.
The student should be able to conduct experiments using the required tools and equipment according to the correct method.
Understand the basic principles of material engineering and metallurgy.

65530 Production Operations Laboratory

Lathe machine
Manual cutting thread tools
Milling machine
Deep Drawing Machine
Metal spinning machine
Patterns, gates, risers, and sprues plates for sand casting
Centrifugal casting machine
CNC Turning machine
CNC milling machine

acquired skills:

The student should be able to understand the basic principles of manufacturing processes.
The student should be able to conduct experiments using the required tools and equipment according to the correct method.
The student should be able to collect and analyze data from experiments, explaining the factors affecting the results.

industry sector

Industrial engineering has emerged as one of the effective disciplines that are optimal for solving complex issues in the world of technology, in factories, in production systems, and in service institutions around the world. Evaluating a factory or organization is a difficult and complex dilemma, as this requires knowledge in basic sciences, engineering sciences, management, behavioral sciences, computer sciences, information, and economics. It also requires a broader knowledge of topics related to the basic principles of production systems.
One of the urgent reasons for the emergence of industrial engineering is the industrial revolution and the urgent need for trained and industrially prepared people, so that they can plan, design and follow up operations with complex and large systems, in addition to what was mentioned, the urgent need to raise the effectiveness, efficiency and productivity of operations, as well as improving the quality of products and services.
An agreement for cooperation regarding graduation projects was concluded with the National Poultry Company “Aziza”.


Education and learning

The program’s teachers depend on employing technology in education, with the aim of improving and developing the educational process. Their experience was wonderful and distinctive during the development and teaching of several courses using the Moodle program, which provides e-learning service. The scientific material for the academic courses is presented so that it is more enjoyable for the teacher and the student while preserving the scientific content mainly and enriching the material with illustrations and video clips related to the specific topic within the exact and smooth sequence of the material’s content, in addition to enriching the educational process through direct communication with students through e-learning features, Where ads are placed and forums are created to discuss some of the ideas and questions that are asked. The experience was successful and enjoyable for both the student and the teacher, and it is easier to explain the information and communicate it to the student in an enjoyable way.


calendar methods

Program teachers rely on several methods adopted by the University Education Quality Committee (ABET), through several methods of evaluation:

Constructive or formative calendar.
Diagnostic calendar.
Closing or final calendar.

The formative assessment relies on several methods, including: classroom discussion, homework and follow-up.
One of the most important functions achieved by this a

For a type of evaluation are: identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the students, to treat and avoid the weaknesses, and to strengthen the strengths and stimulate the learner’s motivation to learn and continue with it.
The diagnostic evaluation aims to discover the strengths and weaknesses of the learner’s achievement, and it is closely related to the constructive evaluation on the one hand and the summative evaluation on the other hand.
The closing or final evaluation is the one that determines the degree to which learners achieve the main outcomes of learning a course.

Jobs chances

Many believe that the fields of work of the industrial engineer are limited only to the production sector, but this view is wrong, as his fields of work are many and many. He can benefit from these sectors through planning, implementation, and control. These elements form the general framework for the successful administrative process that leads to achieving the organization’s goals in an optimal and economically feasible manner.
The industrial engineer, through his studies and knowledge, can benefit the company or institution to which he belongs in several matters, among which are the following:

He can build an organizational structure for the organization in which he shows the main and secondary functions, and defines the roles of working individuals by stating their institutions and their powers.
Developing and improving human cadres by developing a plan to improve their capabilities and benefit from their energies.
Solve the problems facing the company, for example (problems that occur during the production process), using computerized technology and mathematical methods.


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