What are the specifications and standards

There are a lot of products around Fresh food products, such as fruits and vegetables, or canned, such as food cans Or other consumer products such as metals, mechanical machines, electronics, furniture, clothes, etc These products require a description of any identification card

It varies from one product to another It is stuff that is included with the description card
Name, types and varieties, if any Perfect product characteristics Percentages of additional ingredients added to the product Product safety requirements
Methods of product inspection and quality testing
Methods of transportation and storage
This description label names the standard specification for that product

We take an example

1- Metal product

Product identification
The name of the product and its types are mentioned if there is more than one type
After that, the requirements are mentioned in the characteristics and features
To be made of a material
– The percentage of the subject should not be more than
The length, width and weight should not exceed
– It should be free of defects… and the defects of the product that may occur shall be mentioned
– To be safe for the user and not cause significant damage when used
The following checks shall be carried out…
To be stored by….and a temperature…
He mentioned all safe storage conditions for the product

2- A food product

Let it be mango juice
the definition
Fresh natural mango juice
The squeezed fruits must be fully ripe naturally and have not been ripened with chemicals
To be free from any defects due to fungus and insects
It shall be free of microorganisms that cannot be seen with the naked eye
To be cleaned before pressing properly and with clean water
The taste and color should be normal
The storage shall take place in normal conditions and in clean and safe places from all pollutants such as dust
Microorganisms and other food contaminants
As for the case of canned natural mango juice
There are several requirements here
For examination, testing and packaging, because the juice will be packed inside cans
Examination requirements for microorganisms and microbes are established
manufacturing, packaging and storage conditions and the percentage of additives
And the percentage of water, sugar, concentration and acidity
Thus, each product has features, characteristics, manufacturing and storage conditions that differ from others
Therefore, each product has a specification card that differs from any other product

Standards and Metrology Authority

As mentioned, each product must have a description card
Each country has an organization called the Standards and Metrology Organization
It puts description cards for all products inside the country
Which are produced locally or imported from abroad
Where local producers are punished if they sell a product that violates the specifications
Or importers who import products contrary to specifications
The body consists of a number of experts and specialists in the field of products
For example, food products are produced by specialists from agricultural engineering
And food engineering, chemistry, laboratory analysis and food processing
Setting standards for food products
As for mineral products, there will be specialists from
Mechanical engineering, physics, chemistry, materials science, and manufacturing processes for metallic materials
To set standards for metal products
And so on for the rest of the products

ISO systems and ISO certificates

The ISO system is a plan, guidelines, directives, or instructions developed by specialists for companies and establishments with the aim of producing a product or providing a service of high quality.
The ISO system has also expanded to include systems for total quality, project management, safety and the environment, and the goal is to reach the ideal and good shape in the product.
Work, service, reduce costs, increase profits, and preserve people and life
There are many systems, for example

quality system

A system of quality management in the establishment from planning, examination, control, attention to the customer, training and rehabilitation, and the goal is to provide high quality products to the consumer and meet his desires

Safety system

A system for managing safety and protecting workers, and the goal is to protect workers from the dangers surrounding them
Food safety and HACCP
A system for food safety and the provision of safe, sound and high-quality food, and the goal is to preserve human health and safety and meet their desires
the environment
A system to preserve the environment from human and factory waste

ISO certificates

It is a certificate issued by the organization to companies that apply ISO systems
Granting the certificate means that the company has applied all the procedures set by the organization

The goal of standards and quality systems

Protecting the consumer and the environment and providing excellent and safe products
Facilitate trade between countries
Doing business in the best possible way in terms of profits and minimizing costs


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