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Smart car park

Recently, there has been a smart parking project that amazed the world with its design from Exceed, and it was designed in more than

A country, the most famous of which is Japan, the smart parking project was a transfer to the world of cars, which we were accustomed to in terms of accidents during parking and

An offensive view of the shape and quantity of parked cars and the huge space that is taken to complete the parking process for many cars.


As we can see in the picture, the huge space wasted to make a car park, and the view in itself is not a picturesque landscape or anything else.

The idea of the smart parking known as Smart Parking came from here, and it was designed and implemented in more than one country.


Smart Parking concept:

It is a smart parking that is designed to work automatically without making a hard effort to park the car in a correct position and helps the other person to

Parking and in a way that helps the car owner to drive and move again, so the idea of Smart Parking came as an idea

The buildings were tents in the past, and they were spread in a horizontal position on the land area until the idea of ​​climbing to the top came up with the idea

Civil engineering by making use of the vertical space instead of the horizontal space and saving it for another use, so the project was designed in addition

To the technology that exists in it, so all that a person has to do is stand in cars on a rotating disk, so the disk rotates to

The direction of the garage gate, and the car is moved inside in its own position, and the process of exiting to the source of the car’s entry takes place

Then the stage moves to another stage, which is 1, the safety of the car, so as not to move in any of the conditions, then we move on to moving the car

Vertically in an oval shape to take a place for it, and another empty place is descended to receive another car, and so on, and when the car is requested from abroad

It moves down to the gate, and the output source of the car enters the turntable and is moved to the special direction

For the street in which the car is located so that all you have to walk in the same direction of the road is nothing but, all this is done using programming

PLC, motors, sensors and mechanical design.

It is mechanically designed in more than one form:
The design can be from the design of the buildings.
The design may have a design from Steal and be implemented in approximately 3 or 4 days.

I recently wrote a book that includes everything related to smart parking, from the design of the mechanical structure, how to design it, the dimensions of the project and the shape of the structure in AutoCAD, in addition to explaining each component within the project, then moving on to the PLC programming of the project. It includes :

Explanation of the intelligent position.

Types of smart parking.
differences between them.
Explanation of the mechanical drawing of the project by drawing and designing programs.
Explanation of the electrical circuit of the project for the complete control panel.
Explanation and design of PLC programming for the project step by step to complete the entire programming process to be ready for burning on the PLC only.
Explain and design Arduino programming for the project, step by step, to complete the entire programming process, to be ready for burning on the board.
Explanation of the types of engines selected for the project and their values.
Explain the sensors used and put them in the places of the project and how they work.
The electric circuit of the motor.


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