Sheet Metal Handbook

Organizing your sheet metal shop is critical to success. It requires careful thinking and planning. The store does not have to be large, but it should be well organized. If planned well, your business is likely to progress smoothly and your chances of success will increase.

Sheet metal is metal that is shaped into thin, flat pieces, usually by an industrial process. Sheet metal is one of the primary shapes used in the metal industry, and it can be cut and bent into a wide variety of shapes.

Proper lighting is one overlooked area, which is important when working with sheet metal. Often, you draw precise lines and then make cuts along those lines. The accuracy of these cuts depends on how well you can see these lines. Natural light is ideal. Fluorescent light is fine if the fixtures are located correctly. Spotlights should be placed directly above work areas, especially above planning tables. The idea is to reduce shadows or remove them entirely. Shadows obscure some of the details of the work, and make it difficult to be precise. So just don’t throw the fixtures where appropriate. Make sure that the store you choose has good lighting

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