Seminar in Rolling Technology

Continuous casting products and quality.
Heating in reheating ovens, its defects and how to avoid it.
Reheating-furnaces working regime and relative defects
Formation of steel in longitudinal rolling
Hot rolling of steel shapes

Study the loading area between the rolled block and the track.
Study of deformation zone
B- The dash line and the tie line
Rolling line and neutral line
C- Friction and the possibility of biting.
Friction force and biting criteria
H – front crawl, back crawl, and just licking.
Forward and backward slip
Design of stresses in the rolling mill for longitudinal and rolling lines
Stealthy Corridor Chains
Breakdown-pass series
B- The system of box passages
Box-pass rolling sequence
C- The Mabrom-Baydawi system.
Round-oval-round rolling sequence.
H- The final passages in the square and wicker rolling mill.
Squares and flats finishing passes
Distribute the amount of space reduction using rolling passes.
Reduction conditions followed in a breakdown-pass sequence.
Calculation of loads and moments and Alfadra Alrafla alone.
Roll loads, work, torque, and power estimation.
7- Cracking.
slide rolling
8- Testing the rollers suitable for the type of roller and calculating the stresses and efficiency of roller consumption.
Roll selection and roll consumption evaluation.
Defects in the size of the rolls and how to correct these defects.
Rolling relevant defects and correcting measures.
10- Cooling, preparing, cutting and grilling beds.
Cooling, straightening, cutting, and stacking of rolled products.
11- Calculation of rolling efficiency.
Rolling operation overall efficiency

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