Risk assessment models and how to assess risks

risk assessment steps

[1]. This tells you how to conduct an occupational health and safety risk assessment. This is not the only way to do a risk assessment, you can now use the Policy and Risk Assessment Template

Five Steps to Risk Assessment

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[2]. This form combines your risk assessment, health and safety policy, and recording of health and safety arrangements into one document to help you get started and save time. If you already have a health and safety policy in place, you may choose to simply complete the risk assessment portion of the form. We also have a number of example risk assessments

Risk Assessment and Policy Template

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[3] to show you what a risk assessment might look like. If your industry is not listed, choose the one closest to it and use that as a guide to complete the form, adapting it to your workplace. You can print and save the form so that you can review and update it when needed. There are also other methods that work well, especially for more complex risks and conditions. However, we believe that these methods are the most direct for most organizations. A risk assessment will only be effective if you and your staff act on it. It is important that you keep track of any required procedures and review them on a regular basis. We also have an example health and safety policy

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[4], and this shows what you need to consider and include, should you choose to complete the policy section of the form

example health and safety policy

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