Engineering re-engineering business

The concept of reengineering (business re-engineering) has revolutionized the world of modern management, as the concept includes many engineering applications supported by modern administrative methods, which prompted many large companies to use it and reconsider once again all the works for which these companies were established.

This name was derived from the Arabization of the first book on Al-Hindra, which was written by (Michael Hammer and James Champy), and the word “Hindra” was derived from the two words “engineering and management.” To study and develop operations, and it means to carry out the engineering process, and it means the person who performs the engineering process.
It is a systematic administrative method based on organizational reconstruction from its roots and relies on restructuring and designing administrative processes in order to achieve a fundamental and ambitious development in the performance of organizations that ensures the following:
Performance speed.
Cost reduction.
· Product quality.
Start from scratch.
Focus on administrative operations.
Results oriented and customer focused.
It is based on structuring the work on the basis of the process as a whole.
Starting from questioning the legitimacy of the administrative process and the need for its survival in the first place.
It is based on criticizing the activities of oversight and auditing in its huge traditional form.
It is characterized by its high ambitions, as it is noted that its concepts focus on phrases such as: “radical change”, “fundamental improvements”, “fundamental construction”, “total redesign” … etc.

Engineering has many definitions, but it revolves around one meaning. One of the most important and well-known of these definitions is what defines it as “a fundamental reconsideration and a radical redesign of work systems and methods to achieve tremendous results in modern performance measures such as cost, speed, quality and level of service.”


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