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Goldratt was an educator, author, scientist, philosopher, and entrepreneur. But he was, first and foremost, a thinker and made others think. Often described as irreverent, motivating, and a “killer of the sacred cows,” Dr. Goltert invites his audience to examine and re-evaluate his business practices with good, fresh insight.

Dr. Goldratt created and developed The Theory of Constraints (TOC), a comprehensive framework to help organizations and individuals identify:

What needs to change – Find and use the leverage point
What needs to change – Create simple and practical solutions
•  How to cause change – Building a safe and stable improvement environment.

Dr. Goldratt was a recognized world leader in developing new business management philosophies and systems. It was a landmark coveted by many of the world’s largest corporations, including General Motors, Procter & Gamble, AT&T, NV Philips, ABB and Boeing.

– He received a Bachelor of Science degree from Tel Aviv University and a Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from Bar-Ilan University. In addition to his pioneering work in business and education, he has held patents in a number of areas ranging from medical devices to drip irrigation and temperature sensors.

– Dr. was. Eliyahu Goldat is the founder of TOC for Education, a nonprofit organization dedicated to imparting TOC’s ideals to educators. After retiring from the Avraham Y. Goldratt Institute in the mid-1990s, he founded Goldratt Marketing Group to provide TOC knowledge and bring it to market in the form of self-learning resources, Goldratt Consulting dedicated to developing and thriving companies, and Goldratt Schools to educate and train individuals seeking to expand their knowledge of TOC – created Goldratt Group.

– The purpose of the Goldratt Group is to make TOC a key methodology for managing organizations and to be an effective platform for improving business productivity in production, supply chain and distribution, project management and retail, enhancing the quality of decision-making, improving communication and motivation to develop new solutions, Dr. Goldratt spends the last 10 years actively participating In consulting, development and provocation as before with Viable Vision.

TOC concepts were first explained in his best -selling book “The Goal”, which is an unconventional approach to conveying knowledge – a book written in a new form, disguised as a story of love.

On the subject of production, Dr. Golrat has also written “PRODUCTION THE TOC WAY,” a self-learning suite for manufacturers interested in implementing and deploying TOC technologies within their companies.

– Dr. Goldratt wrote the sequel to “THE GOAL”, “It’s No Luck”. All aspects of corporate structure are revealed in their own unique way, as Theory of Constraints cuts out the general nonsense and reveals what lies in our hiding place.

– Eli Goldratt’s novel, “CRITICAL CHAIN,” reveals why projects don’t finish on time, on budget, or within specifications, and establishes a new process management approach for project management. Where the action takes place in a critical chain in a university environment and also deals with the problem facing academic institutions with large graduate programs – MBA programs that do not produce what companies need.

His novel Necessary But Not Sufficient was published in the fall of 2000. This novel reveals that although new technology may be necessary in order to make significant improvements, this technology is not sufficient to achieve results. Technology, by itself, does not create, but simply allows or creates an opportunity to change reality. To be satisfied, the rules must also be changed.

His latest publication in the field of logistics is “ISN’T IT OBVIOUS”. It is a story about individual retailers and how they learn to combine buying techniques, up-to-date sales, and collaborative deals with their suppliers to achieve great results.

— One of his recent and most important books, “THE CHOICE” delves into the benefits of thinking clearly on a personal level, as illustrated with business case examples.

In addition, he has written several non-fiction books. “Race”, “What is this thing called TOC?” HAYSTACK SYNDROME has been a frequent contributor to scholarly journals, journals and trade publications and has been appointed to numerous editorial boards.

One of Goldratt’s masterpieces is an eight-session educational series: In the GOLDRATT program SATELLITE Introduced in this series is a commonsense approach to business that provides a global picture and shows how functions and departments fit together, allowing managers to gain a solid understanding of the company’s vision as a whole.

Dr. Goldratt teamed up with his son to create TOC INSIGHTS. This interactive computer-learning program is one of the best comprehensive introductions to TOC applications. Project and production management are explored in detail in the Goldratt webcast series, available today as GOLDRATT STRATEGY AND TACTIC.

Lived on the path of teaching, learning and writing, Gwadrat was active until his untimely death in June 2011.


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