Quality control examination plans and acceptance samples

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Quality control by testing plans and acceptance samples
Acceptance Sampling Plans


Industrial companies acquire raw materials or semi-manufactured (or fully manufactured) materials from other sources in order to manufacture or assemble them to obtain an industrial product. Ensuring the quality of these supplies (orders) that reach the company is important and necessary for the quality of its final product, and this is done by examining the quality of these supplies (i.e. by conducting a quality assessment process). The examination is also used in the last stages of production to inspect the quality of the final product before marketing it to the consumer.

Sample examination (acceptance samples)
Acceptance sampling
Acceptance samples are a practical way to check and inspect the quality of the materials entering the factory (raw materials, semi-finished or manufactured) and if the finished product. Example: imported raw materials or spare parts.

What are the sample plans?
Sampling plans
A set of procedures for checking incoming materials or finished products

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