Performance evaluation

Performance is the execution of job duties assigned to the employee

Performance is what the individual performs during his presence in the work environment in terms of actions and communication

The process of performance appraisal is knowing the employee’s performance of his work and comparing that with the ideal performance

In the sense of evaluating performance and knowing the level of performance, is it acceptable, good, very good, or excellent

aspects of performance appraisal

How is performance evaluated and what are the aspects in which performance is evaluated
In the evaluation process, all aspects of the employee are evaluated
personal and social aspect
Such as ethics, personality, cooperation, communication and initiative
functional side
Such as performing tasks as specified in the plan, standard work, accuracy and speed
Attendance, punctuality, respect and application of work rules and regulations
And the lack of errors and defects in the work
creative side
Such as problem solving, creativity, renewal and innovation at work

Performance and standard work

As we said in the work study article, one of the benefits of performance appraisal is for employees
Standard work defines the tasks and the way to perform them perfectly
It also specifies the results that are obtained after completing tasks
Thus, when evaluating performance, the employee’s performance is compared to the ideal performance found in the standard work plan

The importance of performance appraisal

Knowledge of staff levels in terms of efficiency and ideal performance
Determine the strengths and weaknesses of the employees
Benefit from evaluation information in the promotion and rewards system
Improving the performance of employees and helping them to raise their performance
Identifying and resolving employee performance problems
Clarifying performance problems for employees to address
Knowing the weak aspects of performance and thus training and qualifying workers in those aspects
Job satisfaction, where employees feel that there is someone who follows up on their achievements and appreciates the competent and creative people

method of performance appraisal

An evaluation plan is developed after reviewing the job analysis, job description, and standard work for the employee
Then several criteria are set to measure the performance of the employee
And setting up an evaluation table with evaluation grades that determine the evaluation percentage
A person from the administration who enjoys integrity, trust, competence and respect is assigned
To evaluate the performance so that no bias or favoritism occurs on the part of the person who evaluates it
Get performance information

Performance information is obtained in several ways

Through the employee himself by asking and making him evaluate himself
Through reports submitted by the employee on his work
By completing his tasks
– Through the problems, defects and mistakes that he was the source of
– Through workers around the employee
Especially his manager, his assistant and anyone who has contact with the employee
Here, we must focus on accuracy when transferring information from the workers next to the employee and those in contact with him, and choosing reliable people and their words, because he is there
Lots of gossip, slander and distortion
Because of envy, selfishness and self-love


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