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Packaging in selling products

Customers look for good products with a better design than anything else; Professionally designed packages help attract more customers. The importance of package design is that it guarantees a major part in product marketing and sales. Also the other major part is the connection between the logo and the packaging.

This feeling can be conveyed to the customer through the colors, fonts, and textures used in the packaging. Successful packaging design can accurately reflect the elements of the story behind your products’ brand. Great design goes further; This basically means that customers who are interested in the package will remember it and buy it next time; The human mind is designed to filter and remember certain things, and if you can draw the viewer’s attention to the product, you will undoubtedly succeed.

Packaging design should be related to buyers’ demand and be able to compete with similar products in the market; This requires mastery of design concepts in this field and must be viewed from different angles so that they can be seen by customers in the market, distinguishing our product from other competitors and making it unique.

Brand identity, hidden in the packaging

Good packaging design with creative design while displaying your product well can positively present your company identity and personality; However, the packaging design is more than just attractive to the audience, more importantly, it must be able to win the trust of customers.

There is a whole science behind the design of each product; The look and usability of the product package itself should be such that it is not easily forgotten; For example, one of the most important things to remember is creative packaging design and product quality; If you can’t do this step well, your product, no matter how professionally printed, will not be visible at a glance and will not be enjoyable for customers; Professional product packaging design is always the customer’s first point of contact with your product; This means that a beautiful package with a creative design can convince someone to pay for a product they have never heard of or have no information about its performance and quality; A good package should have the following features:

Strength (carried in different positions, not damaged)
Attractiveness (be special and different in terms of design to be able to attract customers)
Promotion (can promote the brand in the market and help to show it more)
Facilitate the purchase decision (customers can easily purchase the required product)
and separation (separable easily with competitors’ designs)
It can be offered to the market and customers as a complete package keeping all these categories in mind.

The importance of packaging design

Many studies have been done on the importance of packaging design and the result is that attractive and creative packaging facilitates the sales process; What people want most is to get information quickly and easily; Although getting your customers’ attention starts with professional packaging, it’s important to clearly state what the product is; What companies want is to convince people to buy their products.

They don’t want people to prefer to buy a competitive product just because information about that other product can be found more quickly; Product packaging information can be viewed in several ways; The main discussion revolves around product features such as weight, benefits, expiry date, instructions for use and other packaging messages related to how to use and should be properly inserted and designed on the product so that customers can easily access them.

Good packaging methods

The product needs beautiful packaging for the customer to choose, which the brands have been able to do in the best possible way:

Use patterns

The use of patterns brings out the simplicity of the products, the blue and red color patterns attract more attention, and on the one hand, the product is foreign at the same time.

Use all available space

Not only the outer part and the visible part of the packaging (at first glance) should look elegant and beautiful, but also the inner part (when used) should attract the attention of the consumer, for example the flower design on the front that was used in the inner part of the carton box, surprises the customer and makes The product looks more elegant.

Don’t be afraid of simplicity

We’ve all heard the phrase beauty in simplicity, and the same applies to the packaging; The product is recyclable, the khaki color of the packaging creates that feeling for the customer, and the use of colorful labels creates an interesting color payload and gives it a modern vibe.

Think experiment

the actions a person will take when they interact with your product; For example, we want to sell shoes in the luxury goods category in terms of price; The buyer opens the box, faces another package, opens it, then sees the same layer of simple packaging, which increases the luxury of the product produced, justifies and facilitates the purchase of luxury and expensive in the mind of the customer.

Complete your product packaging

Ensure that your design is complementary to the product within; The top packaging looks just as simple and natural as what’s inside; You can see everything you are getting before you buy.

Be bold

Using multiple colors according to an interesting pattern is a great way to look bold, the packaging you give to the customer should have a very unique look, look fun and happy and you can enjoy it.

Use the method

Don’t think you have to make your photos or graphics completely realistic; If you can turn your photos into a pattern; I use this bundle as a simple head and hair image. The hair moves across the box, creating a pattern in the background; At first glance, you don’t know what this style is, but when you open the package, you will notice that it was hair all along.

Use product images in packaging

Sometimes the use of attractive images that show the product well inside the packaging may greatly affect the attractiveness of the packaging; It’s best to use high-quality, conceptual, and graphic images in professional packaging design so that you don’t get confused

Just be attractive to the audience, but only for the first time your products are photographed; The audience is narrow minded and has the ability to distinguish unique images from repetitive ones; For this reason, I recommend taking a photo of the product and presenting it using the photos on the packaging.

Professional luxury packaging design

Fun cartoons and animation programs are not just for kids and can be a great source of inspiration for packaging design; Food packaging designs whose main audience is children should be more attractive, happy and egotistical; Simplistic designs and colorful images create tension in children and teens who are the audience of the product, which is more important than the content itself; Sometimes you can use the most popular to show the interests of the audience; In addition, images of nostalgia and fantasy can sometimes be used in the design of imaginative packaging, which evoke pleasant memories of a certain period in the mind, which can evoke a positive feeling and satisfaction when viewing the product.

Simple packaging design

All over the world, we can safely say that one of the most attractive and best examples of packaging design is minimal designs; Designing packaging for cosmetics and anything related to health Simple packaging design has many applications; The use of professional packaging design helps you to present an acceptable and ideal design to your target market; It is very important that the plan be presented in any geographical area, to any segment of society with a certain type of culture; Before using minimal designs in your packaging design, identify your target audience so you can provide a better-suited example.

View part of the product

The use of attractive images plays an important role in the recognition of the products by the audience, but if you pay attention to the following examples, you will realize how much they can help in obtaining information about the products inside the packaging, in addition to being attractive; Slowly seeing part of the packaged product evokes a sense of confidence in the audience; However, before buying an unknown product that you have not used before, it would be very interesting to see at least a sample of its contents, quality and critical selection.

Combine classic and modern design

Professional design reflects classic packaging with traditional designs; Somehow border culture and customs and cloth, which is a good choice for packaging souvenirs and confectionery products; In today’s world where everything has changed, the combination of modern and traditional designs can give a special charm to packaging and greatly influence the audience; Today’s world is the world of modernity. The excess of modern designs sometimes makes the soul tired and the design process is monotonous, which is not very pleasant.

Therefore, sometimes the use of classic and traditional designs creates such enthusiasm in modern society that even due to the different and attractive design, the product packaging may be kept after the contents are finished; Using this method, a purposeful and unique design can be presented, the presence of which in any display will embellish the collection and sparkle beautifully.

Create a colorful theme in the package

As mentioned earlier in the role of color in design and especially in packaging, the use of attractive color themes can greatly help the design to be attractive; In the following example, you can learn about creating a color and harmony template for packaging; The use of color themes causes the eyes to follow a certain color harmony without straining; If the color contrast is too high, it will confuse the viewer, making it difficult to identify product details and type; Therefore, for professional packaging design, we recommend that you do not neglect color harmony and use similar color themes
Be inspired by nature

Creativity is one of the most important things that can make your product packaging shine on store shelves; In the packaging example below, you can see how nature has been used to create creativity; Inspired by nature, it can definitely inspire a sense of calm and popularity in the crowd; It has always been said that people’s minds are in their eyes; With this account, you can take advantage of the opportunity and include what is inspired by nature in professional packaging design to give special effects to the packaging along with other packaging.

Use natural materials in packaging

Today’s world is changing people’s desires and most of the people are looking forward to using natural products; In the egg packaging design example you see above, completely natural materials have been used and in addition to being creative, they have also helped the environment; What causes harm to the environment is the use of plastic, chemical or non-recyclable materials that cause serious damage to the world around us when they enter nature; So, if paper, fibers and natural materials can be used, not only can the design be added to the appeal, but it can also help nature to keep it strong and healthy with more strength and be a permanent home for living beings.


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