What’s the online marketing

It is the process of marketing using the Internet, where we use websites, e-mail messages, and communication sites to reach customers to market and promote products


With the advent of the Internet, the world has become a single village
The digital revolution and the Internet provided us with many services
There are millions of websites targeting all aspects
It has become easy to communicate with others, reach them, and provide them with information, services, and assistance

Anyone can create a website and publish anything
And anyone can view any site that provides information or service charge
The Internet has made life easier for many people
Everyone benefited from it in planning, organizing and managing government and private institutions and others

websites and search engines

The site is a link address. This address, when written in the address of the browser, will take you to the site server
And download all the contents of the site from the Internet pages stored in the server
There are millions of sites and they are growing every day
But how do we know the URL of the sites and how to find the sites of interest to us
This is the job of search engines like Google
These engines store all the sites, which number in the millions
It also stores the contents of the sites from the published pages and the contents of the site
And when you search for something that interests you, search engines search for the information you wrote
In its own archive, then in seconds it will show you a list of positions with the title of the site and the page
By clicking on it, you will enter the site and browse its content

Internet and clients

How can we get clients, customers, or people to follow our site and the topics we publish?
As we know, people use search engines to guide them to the topics and sites they are looking for
Therefore, it is necessary to understand how the search engine works, how it searches for information, and how it behaves when typing and clicking on a search term

Create search engines and know what people and customers are searching for

Search engine optimization means preparing your site in a way that is consistent with the laws and regulations of search engines
Search engines have controls and rules in order to show websites and pages in search results
These controls are
The site provides useful and exclusive information
Its content should not be copied, pasted or stolen from other sites
To be reliable, i.e. has great fame and is frequented by many people
external links
Put keywords appropriately and expressive of the content
Keywords are the phrases that define the content of the site and the page for the search engine
And the search engine compares them with the words that are typed in the search engine
Thus, people are connected directly to the page that talks about the words they typed

social media sites

Social media has invaded our lives and many people spend hours on it
And by subscribing to those sites and following up on people’s interests, desires and needs
We can determine what customers want and what they prefer
And what bad things bother them
We can also publish advertisements and promotional campaigns for products
We also provide services to customers and answer their questions and inquiries through these accounts

Online commercials

Advertising and promotion of products is one of the most important means of marketing, and through it we deliver the product and its advantages to consumers
Since there are many people who spend hours on websites and social media
It is important to carry out promotional and advertising campaigns on these sites
There is a site from Google, Google AdWords, which is used in advertising and promotion through websites
It can also be published and promoted through people’s gatherings on social media

Online purchase and e-commerce

With the rapid development of the Internet and technology
Providing services and products over the Internet has become easier
It became easy to walk around the store and know the characteristics, specifications, price and purchase of the product
And you are at home through your phone, tablet or desktop
All you have to do is select the product and press the purchase button to complete the rest of the purchase steps, and you will receive the product
To your region by air or sea freight
Many people like to buy online
As they can easily see the characteristics and prices and compare products
And with easy and quick steps, they can purchase
E-commerce sites such as Amazon and Alibaba have achieved great success, with billions of dollars in profits
Where there is a very high demand for buying from the Internet
Because the customer is looking for ease and simplicity in identifying the product, its characteristics and its price

Purchasing and Shipping

Where there is no need to go and travel to stores and turn around and rotate around the store
To know the products and see their details and prices


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