Marketing Management

Marketing is the process of introducing the consumer to the product and its characteristics, distributing the product in the markets and selling it. Marketing is the study of customers and the market to ensure success and selling products. Marketing is all activities related to selling the product to the consumer, and it includes: customer study, market study, advertising and presentation, sales, customer service

Marketing Management

Marketing management is the operations of the marketing department’s activities
From the marketing plan, organization, direction and control
The competition has become intense, and the markets are full of products, and effective marketing management is required

We need to develop a marketing plan that includes marketing procedures and steps
Then the organization includes defining the tasks and those responsible for them and the relationship between them

Direction includes motivating and providing support to employees to accomplish the plan
Oversight is about following up on the implementation of the marketing plan and whether things are going according to plan

Marketing research

Marketing research is a study of the market and customers
To determine the product to be produced and to determine the best design for the product in accordance with the desires and interests of the consumer
Obtained from marketing research

Marketing research also includes marketing costs, the means available for advertising and publicity, and the size of competition

By studying the market, we will know the desired product, the volume of demand, where we will sell the product, and to which market we will go
By studying customers, we will know their interests, desires, and problems, and then produce a product that they will buy
And with a design that suits their desires and obtains their satisfaction

Publicity, advertising and promotion of products

When product manufacturing is complete
How do we reach customers and tell them that we have a product so that they can buy it?
This depends on advertising, publicity and promotion of the product, and this is done through
Advertising posters on the streets and on shops
Radio, television, newspapers, articles and mails
Internet and social networking sites
And with the abundance of competition, the advertisement must be designed in an attractive way that attracts the customer and explains it clearly and attractively
The product, its features, benefits and services provided to customers

Market study

The marketplace is where you display the products
It is necessary to know these markets, their visitors, their characteristics and their economic situation
To provide products compatible with the market and customers
For example, not providing high-quality products to a society whose economic situation is weak because they will not be able to buy
those products
Not to provide beauty products to a non-rich women’s society that does not care about fashion, molds and cosmetics
Not offering overcrowded market products
The consumer buys the product from the market, and the market has many products from other competitors
And thus entering the market without knowing the types of products in it, the demand for it, and the size of the competition
It leads to failure in marketing and failure to sell the planned products
market segmentation
What is meant by dividing markets is to divide them for ease of marketing and dealing with them
For example, we identify the markets of rich societies and poor societies
Markets that have a high demand for a particular product
New markets that are not overcrowded with competitors

Customer service and study

Customer service is the process of communicating with customers and providing services to them
Customer service is the activities that a company or organization performs towards customers
There are two types of customer services

Pre-purchase customer service

– Service information clarifying the details and characteristics of products and warranty
Service features, prices and instructions for use
Reception and hospitality service
Consulting service to clarify the differences between products and price differences, understand the customer’s needs and determine the best alternative
Where it is understood what the customer wants, how he will use the product, what his budget is, and then determine the best suitable alternatives for him
For example, in large industrial equipment and industrial control systems
There are several forms and types of equipment that differ in terms of features, characteristics and costs
CNC machines and plastic injection machines have many different shapes
And industrial control systems, programmable logic control, there are a lot of different systems
Therefore, the customer needs to consult about what is best suited and fits his legitimacy and budget
Thus, determining the best equipment or control system to suit the client’s project

Post-purchase service k

– The speed of delivery of the product to the consumer
Delivery, installation, warranty and spare parts
– Respond to inquiries, receive complaints and receive suggestions
The means of communication with the company should be easy and simple
With the spread of the Internet and means of communication, and many customers spend their time on it
The company must have means of communication such as the website and e-mail
And pages on communication sites to publish the latest news and receive interaction from customers

Study customers and win new customers

Gaining and retaining customers is one of the main goals of marketing because the customer is the one who buys the products
With the increase in population density, the great development of technology and technology, and the massive competition between companies
It is not easy to gain and keep customers
Where desires are fickle and the world advances
Therefore, customers, their interests and desires must be studied
What do they prefer and what attracts them?
Include customer study
Population density and living conditions
Where the demographic structure, density and living conditions are known to provide products that suit it
Desires and interests
The customer is attracted by the thing that meets his desires and interests, and thus the customers are approached and interacted with
Conducting surveys to find out the preferences and interests of customers
Complaints and harassment
Find out what the customer complains about and what annoys him about the product or service or how the company deals with him
Developing quick solutions that lead to customer satisfaction and retention


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