Manufacturing Processes

FOUNDRY PRACTICE AND EQUIPMENT Basic Steps in Making Sand Castings . Patterns Molding Processes and Materials Molding Equipment and Mechanization . Molding Sand . Casting Alloys Melting and Heat Treating Furnaces Cleaning and Inspection Casting Design PLASTIC WORKING OF METALS Structure . Plasticity Material Response in Metal Forming Plastic Working Techniques Rolling Operations Shearing Bending Drawing Bulk Forming Equipment for Working Metals . 13.3 WELDING AND CUTTING Arc Welding . Gas Welding and Brazing Resistance Welding Other Welding Processes Thermal Cutting Processes Design of Welded Connections . Base Metals for Welding Safety Basic Mechanics of Metal Cutting MACHINING PROCESSES AND MACHINE TOOLS

Cutting-Tool Materials Cutting Fluids Machine Tools Turning Boring Drilling Reaming Threading Milling Gear Manufacturing Planing and Shaping .Broaching Cutting Off Abrasive Processes Machining and Grinding of Plastics Machining and Grinding of Ceramics Advanced Machining Processes SURFACE TEXTURE DESIGNATION, PRODUCTION AND QUALITY CONTROL Design Criteria Designation Standards, Symbols, and Conventions Measurement Production Surface Quality versus Tolerances Quality Control (Six Sigma) WOODCUTTING TOOLS AND MACHINES Sawing Planing and Molding Boring Sanding PRECISION CLEANING

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