Manual for Project Managers

This guide describes then project flow in PROPS from the project manager’s viewpoint. It is intended to serve as a guideline for project
managers in their work A graphical overview of the phases, activities and documents in a project is shown in the general project model PROPS, depicted as a
U in three different colors red, blue and yellow. The blue part of the U symbolizes the project management model described in this guide

PROPS Manual for Project Managers
A General Model for Project Management In a Multiproject Organization

Project Management Model . 7
Prestudy Phase . 11
Phase Start-up and Teambuilding . 17
Coaching, Integration and Control . 23
Project Analysis . 29
Feasibility Study Phase 37
Phase Start-up and Teambuilding . 43
Coaching, Integration and Control . 49
Project Specification and Planning 55
Project Resource Procurement 692 Contents
Execution Phase 75
Phase Start-up and Teambuilding . 81
Coaching, Integration and Control . 87
Project Verification . 97
Hand-over of Project Outcome . 103
Conclusion Phase 107
Project Termination . 113
Hand-over of Experience 119
Project Closure

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