International quality symbols and marks for products

Symbols and signs of quality You will find this symbol frequently on electrical appliances and equipment .. It will give you reassurance that this product is very safe in terms of safety and security in use .. Because it simply indicates that the device in your hands has been licensed from above

Underwriters Laboratories, known by the symbol UL, is a global authority concerned with safety
This symbol is very important, especially for technicians and experts, and all institutions and factories seek to include it on their products because it means a lot to them


This symbol indicates that this product complies with the basic requirements of European law and has been approved by the European Union – EU standard.
This authority takes care of the mechanical and electrical aspects and gives you an indication that this product is safe and does not harm health and does not affect the environment


CSA is an acronym for Canadian Standard Association
It is an independent organization that gives certification to the product that passes safety tests in its laboratories.


The US Federal Communications Commission, which is known as the FCC
It is a regulatory body that takes care of all electronic devices that use clocks/oscillators with frequency circuits of more than 9 kHz, such as radios, computer parts, and thousands of electronic devices.
Any device bearing this symbol indicates that it is under the control of the committee and that the frequencies used are standard and do not harm other devices around.
The FCC code consists of 15 digits and is divided into two categories.

Class A

It is a category that specializes in industrial and commercial devices that are not allowed to be used in homes, such as medical and industrial devices.

Class B

It is the other category that is commonly used in homes, such as personal devices, computers, games, printers, etc.

You will find this mark on Chinese devices .. It stands for China Compulsory Certification, which is a body owned by the Chinese government .. With which the previous Chinese standards were replaced before 2003, which are CCIB and CCEE


TUV is a global standard for safety that includes electrical, mechanical or electromechanical aspects. Any product bearing this logo indicates that it is subject to the laws of this standard.
This body has gained strength and international fame in that it is independent and not subject to any government. It includes specialized tests run by technical experts from America and Canada.


This symbol is concerned with commercial devices and equipment for the food industry .. It is licensed by the American National Standards Institute ANSI and the product is given a health safety certificate ..


Compliant with ETL USA, Canada/Canada Safety Standards


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