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Intelligent vertical parking system graduation project

Smart Vertical Parking System

These types of car parks will help solve the problem of traffic congestion. Introducing the Intelligent Vertical Parking System solution as a graduation project was very useful as it can help solve the problem of traffic crisis by practicing and proving the different discipline given by the Industrial Engineering Department at An-Najah National University. An initial working mechanism for the application is determined to work in an integrated manner with the mechanical design using suitable electrical actuators that will be actuated and controlled by an ‘Arduino Uno’ control system. Finally, several points were completed during the preparation of this project:

1. Determine the appropriate sites to put in place the necessary systems

2. A mechanical structure model was created where this mechanical system was linked to an electronic system to facilitate access to the proposed sites.

3. A feasibility study was conducted to assess the level of success of the project.


Download the presentation file for the project

Download the project summary


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