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Industrial security providing safe work environment

What is security?

Security is the process of providing a safe environment for you and your property
Of the risks, damages and problems that affect you both
Industrial security is about providing a safe work environment for workers in the industry and for the industrial establishment and its assets and equipment

Industrial establishment and work

There are hundreds of workers inside the industrial facility who do their work inside the company
The company contains buildings, stores, equipment and tools
The workers are in a working environment that contains materials, equipment, tools, and physical, chemical, and design conditions
Buildings, equipment and stores can be exposed to any accident that leads to their loss and loss
And workers can be exposed to risk of hazards

industrial risks

There are various risks that may affect workers in the industrial establishment or its property
Risks affecting workers in the industry

mechanical hazards

These are the risks resulting from dealing with machinery and equipment inside the industrial establishment

Electrical hazards

These are the risks resulting from the electrical malfunction of the equipment and tools that operate on electricity in the factory

physical hazards

These are the risks resulting from the environment surrounding the work such as noise, heat, cold, vibrations, fire, and others

Risks that affect property in the industrial facility
Infiltration, theft and vandalism
Damage and destruction of equipment
Falling and breaking
Equipment vibration and temperature increase
Equipment damage due to lack of monitoring and maintenance
Theft, infiltration and vandalism

Industrial safety

Industrial safety is the preservation of workers and property inside the industrial facility
By applying the rules, instructions and directives of industrial safety and security
Industrial safety includes maintaining workers through the following
Developing a safety plan for the facility, implementing it, and controlling it
Training and educating workers on safety and its rules
Organizing and arranging equipment and tools in an optimal, non-hazardous manner
Putting protective devices on the equipment to prevent its effect on humans
– Providing protection and safety tools during work and dealing with machinery and equipment
– Periodic inspection of machines and tools and their safety and lack of defects
Analyzing and studying work and preventing stress among workers that causes lack of concentration and making mistakes
– Do not overburden workers and stress them in a way that affects focus and attention
– Warn workers against staying up late, which leads to fatigue and feeling sleepy while working, which leads to committing fatal mistakes.
– Educating the worker about the risks that he may be exposed to during work and during his presence in the work environment and how to deal with them if they occur, God forbid

Industrial security and the environment

Factories have a lot of waste, such as fumes, toxic substances, and sewage
Damaged and returned oils and materials
These wastes affect the environment if they are not controlled and disposed of safely on the environment
Pollution of the environment with factory waste leads to pollution of water sources, the atmosphere around us, and agricultural soil
Which causes a lot of problems for humans and animals
Toxic materials and waste must be buried in remote places in a way that prevents leakage and impact on the atmosphere or groundwater stores.
The fumes must be filtered and their emissions reduced because of their impact on the ozone layer and the atmosphere around us


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