Industrial Safety Book

Occupational safety and health is a very important science that aims to protect workers in factories and work facilities from potential accidents that may cause injuries to the worker or death, God forbid, as well as damage or damage to the property of the facility. This science is rooted in several standards and requirements that must be followed to preserve our safety and the safety of those around us. As it is said, safety is for all, meaning here that it is the responsibility of everyone and their solidarity to live in a safe and reassuring work environment.ة.

Occupational safety and health is involved in all areas of life. When you deal, for example, with electricity and household appliances, it is indispensable to follow the general safety requirements. You must also read the special booklet for the devices to be used when dealing with electricity and also when driving your car. You will not dispense with following traffic safety rules such as ( Indicative signs, requiring everyone in the vehicle to fasten their seat belts, adhere to the speed limit)

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