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Industrial Engineer Duties, fields, salary

An industrial engineer is an engineer who works in the design, installation, improvement, and development of production, manufacturing, and services systems. Any system consists of elements of machines, materials, and workers. These elements work together to provide a product or service to the final consumer.
Here comes the role of the industrial engineer to work within the system, design, manage, improve, develop and solve problems

Duties of an industrial engineer

The industrial engineer studies the industrial engineering major within five years. During this period, he takes
Several sciences enable him to work in a field

Production and manufacturing systems
Service systems

We have detailed the sciences that an industrial engineer takes in an article on industrial engineering
We can divide the tasks into three parts

-the design

Developing product ideas, giving preliminary designs to products, studying product components, and preliminary design on a computer and testing

Production and manufacturing

Production planning, management and control over production, planning and management of manufacturing operations such as CNC, plumbing, sheet metal and others

Quality and improvement

Inspection of raw materials and semi-finished products on the production line, management of inspection operations, and submission of quality reports and any defects or problems
And work on the improvement and development of any process that takes place inside the factory in terms of production, manufacturing or quality

Supply chains and logistics

Storage, transportation, distribution and supply of products and information efficiently and effectively
Warehouse management, organization, monitoring and reporting


Managing production departments, supervising and controlling production, manufacturing and storage operations
Managing human resources, qualifying and training workers, determining the exact description of jobs, and choosing the right workers
Analyzing and measuring employee movements and working times and improving them

Cost analysis

Cost analysis in the factory or institution
Analysis of production, manufacturing and operating costs
Control and reduce costs within the facility for the benefit of the enterprise
Financial control over costs

-sales and marketing

The engineer works in the field of marketing and sales to study quality and total quality management that focuses on customers
And his knowledge of the characteristics and advantages of products and his ability to study consumers and their desires and deal with them


Service management, studying service seekers and what they ask for, and developing plans to raise service quality, winning customers and marketing
Managing service offices, reporting and solving customer problems
Studying customers and their desires and what they want and vice versa to provide the service

The difference between industrial, mechanical, electrical and mechatronics engineer

An industrial engineer works in industry and service systems
In the industry, such as factories and companies
Works in production and planning, quality control, materials management, human resources, marketing and sales, work study, logistics, safety, improvement and development of industrial systems, management, control and supervision of production work
As for service, he works
Planning, control and supervision of service work, total quality management, human resource management, customer study, marketing and logistics
Work study and analysis, improvement and development of services
As for the mechanic, he works on the design, installation, operation and management of small, medium and large machines and mechanical systems
The electrical engineer works in electrical systems, distribution and planning, and electrical machines
A mechatronics engineer works in mixed systems, as mechatronics is a specialty that combines mechanics with electronics with electricity
An industrial engineer can help come up with ideas for improving mechanical or electrical systems

industrial engineer salary

There is no specific salary for an industrial engineer because the salary varies from one country to another
And from one company to another
There are characteristics that determine the salary
– Experience and qualifications
-Functional class
The job grade determines the level and importance of the job within the job structure and determines the salary

There is a manager, supervisor, observer, worker, and so on
Industrial engineer salary in some countries
Industrial engineer salary within the US (2000-10000)
and in Egypt (2000-10,000)
And in Saudi Arabia (10,000-15,000)
Note: These are approximate numbers


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