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Given the number of old and new competitors that are increasing every day, knowing the methods of increasing sales and attracting customers is a prerequisite for success in business. Selling art is a science that is rapidly updated with new technologies. Regardless of the type of your business, what used to be a clientele in the past no longer works today.

There is no time for trial and error, now is the time to sell because in the blink of an eye new competitors appear, similar products enter the market and quickly capture the market; Always try to maintain your position in the market and minimize trial and error. No matter how great your product or service is, you won’t make money unless your customers know you and want to buy from you.

Every company goes through tough times, not because customers are reluctant to buy; But because potential customers didn’t even know such products and services existed; The reason many companies fail is because they cannot find and retain the right customers and never have enough customers; For many people, marketing and advertising is a difficult task and they don’t know how to do it to get the best results.

Here are several ways you can market your product or service to increase sales; Many methods of marketing and advertising, such as radio, television, billboards, magazines, and newspapers, are expensive and unsuitable for many small businesses; But many smart managers use optimistic tactics to attract clients who keep staying.

Determine the sales target

Start by understanding your market.

What makes you different from your competitors?
What is your competitive advantage?
How do you deal with this target market?
How much are they willing to pay you?

Who are the people who need your services?

What questions do you have that you can answer? If you can’t answer these questions easily, focus on your work’s clarity and purpose at this point.

You need to know what you are selling to whom and for what purpose; In addition, assign sales numbers to your sales.

Break goals into smaller sections

Define your desired results (monthly sales, profit per sale, etc.) to be able to assess progress. Specific goals focus your mind and make your activities purposeful. Make a plan for each month. In this way, you can easily determine the effectiveness of your program based on the results obtained.

How much sales do you want to achieve each month?
What plans do you have to improve customer response?
How much sales did you decide to make from each product?
What product do you focus on selling the most?

Selling customer needs

Always keep in mind that customers buy what they think they need; How do you convince them that they need your products?
Emphasize product benefits that reduce costs, time, and troubleshooting;
Product features such as weight, color and size are not the main motivation for buying.
What could he easily do if he bought?
What makes you feel better?
What is the added value of his life?
What positive changes will happen in your lifestyle?
How does the product save time and money for the customer?

You can always make changes to your products as needed; Get creative with your sales and marketing.

Pay attention to customers

Word of mouth marketing, improving selling skills, and applying strategic questions are the keys to targeted marketing.

Maintain your market by carefully tracking customer orders and launching quality customer service. Customers want to know that you care about them and that they matter to you; Sales will be much easier when customers know what your product helps them do and what the benefits are; In addition, if they are satisfied with the purchase, they will become an advertising channel for you; People are more receptive to indirect advertising (advice from people they trust) and it is more effective than direct advertising.

Treat customers in a way that makes them feel “special.”

Get a targeted sale

At each stage, know what you are doing and why; who is the target and why?

What message do you want to send to them and for what purpose? What is the special offer that your service offers to customers? What motivates them to buy more? At every stage of the sales process to make better decisions, you need to know more about the market you’re in.

Ask, listen and then act

More than anything else, these three words sum up sales success; Your questions should be taken into account, in addition, work well on your listening skills, asking the customer questions that indicate that they intend to help; These questions will help you better understand the people you communicate with.

Show the customer that you care. Active listening makes customers feel valued. Set goals so you can do the things you don’t like but are essential to your progress. Think of your successful salesperson image as a sponge. Absorb what you need to get ahead and always seek to learn more; Make reading part of your daily routine to be successful in sales.

Sales, like anything else, have their own tricks.

You must have a positive attitude towards your work

Attitudes can be controlled and fears can be overcome; These are non-beliefs that limit your success; Be aware of your thoughts, see which ones are debilitating, and then commit to change.

By spending time and effort, you can become the person you want to be; Attitude is the most important sales tool; Choose anything motivating, positive, and optimistic and use it to maintain a positive attitude and focus on the goal.

Be with customers

Many sellers just want to sell, no matter what; They forgot that a customer could be bought for sentimental reasons; A customer buys when they feel satisfied with the purchase. Instead, play the role of a shrewd advisor rather than a stubborn salesperson.

The customer should not feel that something has been sold to him out of necessity; The customer should feel that you have guided him and that you are satisfied.

Selling is, in fact, talking to others to improve their lives and businesses; If you look

To sales in this way, it will be a very pleasant job; Communicate with them well before selling so they feel that your goal is not just to sell; If you have important and difficult sales, it is better to get good information from the customer and follow them on social networks.

Find common ground between work and personal life.

Enter the body language of the sale into the transaction

Certainly the client does not say everything that is on his mind; But by understanding sales body language, you can get to know them better; For example, if someone is interested in what you’re saying, they make eye contact, sit up straight, and lean forward slightly; But tapping the table, looking around, or sitting with your hands on your chest will not be a good sign of a deal. You also need to be aware of your movements; Nod your head during a conversation to show that you care about what the person is saying. Make sure your voice isn’t too quiet, monotonous, excited, or loud.

Start with interesting questions

Start the session with questions and don’t go straight into selling; Find out what the buyer wants. When you talk about customer problems (the key to solving them is in your hands), act in such a way that they do not feel that the problem is related to their poor performance and inconvenience.

Ask how long they would like to solve the problem to avoid further costs. Planting seeds of urgency in their mind will make them care more about your solutions.

Focus on a specific market segment

Fewer companies have the facilities, time and budget to focus on a large portion of the market; Focus on a specific group of customers to become a brand in this smaller market.

You cannot write an advertisement that attracts everyone and does not contain goods or services that suit everyone. By focusing on a segment of the market, your customers are more targeted and you can sell more to them.

Use a collaboration system to increase sales

It doesn’t matter if you are working offline or online. Either way, you can impress customers.

that if you introduce new people and buy them, you will get a discount or bonus for it, in the particular case, instead of a discount or bonus, you give them a percentage of the sale.

This method works well for any business or small business and even many large online stores use this method to multiply their sales.

give an advice

If your business is in such a way that you can get their opinion in the first place by offering advice, do so for free for your advertising. Many professions such as accountants, nutrition and fitness consultants, interior designers, and insurance advisors can use this method well; You are counseling with the aim of gaining their trust and honestly giving them ways to improve their situation.

Satisfy existing customers

Instead of trying to attract new customers, try to satisfy your existing customers as much as possible. Retaining existing customers is more important than attracting new customers and it costs you less. Give them long term discounts, gifts and special offers to make them feel special; Offer a discount or gift to interest the customer without announcing it in advance.

The sale is not the end of your customer relationship, but the beginning.

Contact them after purchase and ask them what they think about the product and services; Encouraging satisfied customers to buy again is much easier than new customers who buy from you for the first time.

To better manage customers, the more you have a database of names, past purchases and their records, the more customers you will have. Use customer management software. Receive customer emails or contact numbers to keep in touch with them by offering discounts or gifts.

You can get a discount code, price list, email or contact number on the site by placing an e-book, discounts are only for existing customers, special gifts on purchase, good advice and product or service support are some of the things that keep you in the minds of the customer and want to return to you .


You must have targeted ads

Whether in physical or online sales, the buyer decides whether to buy through advertising; Advertising is a very important skill for increasing sales; A good advertisement, especially if it is seen many times, will make you more registered in the minds of potential customers.

Customers need your services, but one question remains, how do you present yourself to them in advertisements? You don’t talk about how good you are at advertising; Focus on just one thing:

What is the added value you add to the customer’s life?

Word of mouth is always effective

You have the best advertising and marketing method in front of you every day, but you ignore it. Existing customers, no matter how small, is one way loyal customers can flock to you. Attracting every customer comes at a cost, so keep it to yourself and turn it into mobile advertisers by satisfying them beyond their expectations. Word of mouth is one of the oldest and most important methods of marketing.

Nothing motivates you to buy more than someone you trust offering a product or service. You must have purchased the product yourself or used the company’s services to order from one of your friends. Customer satisfaction is one of the most effective marketing and advertising tools to grow your business.

Use over-selling and cross-selling tactics Don’t forget to sell of the moment; When you can sell more products to each buyer, there is an oversold; This can be done by offering similar but more complete products at the time of purchase


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