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Today’s highly competitive environment forces companies to pay attention to quality and human resource needs in order to be sustainable, because there is a strong relationship between total quality management, human resource management, competitiveness, and ISO 9000, and the impact of this relationship on the sustainability of service and production institutions.


Total Quality Management (TQM) has far-reaching implications for human resource management. It emphasizes self-control, independence and creativity among employees and calls for greater active collaboration rather than mere compliance. At the heart of TQM is the concept of self-motivation – participation in decision-making by employees. Employee engagement is a process of enabling members of an organization to make decisions and solve problems appropriate to their levels in the organization Lean systems (Toyota), which use JIT technologies, are more productive, smaller and more efficient, increasing worker pride and engagement on the shop floor.

The employees working in any organization constitute a resource that is no less than any other resources such as natural and technological resources. Whereas, human resources is the resource that all organizations have.

For example, companies in countries such as Taiwan, Denmark, or Japan vary in their ability to own natural resources, and there is no doubt that these companies can possess technology and human resources similar to or better than their counterparts in the United States, and thus those companies can compete and excel.

Skilled human resources are the difference between success or failure. The traditional view of employees or workers did not consider them as a valuable resource, but as a replaceable part of the production process that must be controlled and monitored.

In any case, the trend towards good management changed that view. For example, Mr. Deming.D.W (a global expert in quality) believes that good employees who can develop are the key to the success and continuity of companies and organizations. Mr. Deming has put fourteen points to improve quality, more than Half of these points are related to the quality of employees, as it is necessary for their participation and commitment to improve quality if any organization wants to achieve high quality, and therefore it is the duty of the organization to consider them as one of its valuable resources.

Another factor that helped change the perception of employees is the economic transformation that took place in the United States, where capital went to work in the field of services through the industrial field, and since service companies depend on individuals and employees more than industrial companies, hence the greatest interest in resources emanated. Human being constitutes the largest resource in companies of a service nature, as well as the technological development and the great reliance on information technology had a great impact on interest in human resources, as this technology needs human resources with high practical achievement, high skills and great experience to deal with it, which made Google care employees and gives them the following benefits:

Food: Employees can eat all they want and have a wide choice of food and drink for free.

A special room for decompression and stress: through the capsule, which is called the simulation machine, in which a sound and light show is performed.

Workstation: Every employee has at least two large screens. There are 4-6 ‘Zooglers’ per desk.

Creativity: Big boards are available everywhere for any ideas that can come to any employees. A Google manager says, “Ideas do not always come to offices.”

Leisure time: billiard tables, video games and others are available in many places.

Communications: Available on every floor, and there are private rooms for personal calls.

Technical support: If you have any problem with your computer… ? No problem…bring it to the technical support department where you can have a drink while it’s being repaired…

Health: Google cares about the health of its employees, so it allocated that area for massage and medical examination.

Relaxation: Not only that, but Google provides relaxation rooms for its employees, where they enjoy the landscape of aquariums.

Libraries: Google did not forget the cultural interests of its employees, so it created this library, which contains hundreds of books, mostly about programming.

Also, many high-quality companies have realized the importance of their human resources and are taking them into account when drawing up a competitive strategy.

Since quality management is an important part of the strategic design and provision of direct services to the customer, human resources have an important role in total quality management. It is logical that human resources have a fundamental and important role in the strategic planning process.

It is important to transform the relationship with employees from a relationship of control to a relationship of cooperation based on love and respect, mutual trust, team spirit, and achieving goals.

This requires a long-term commitment from the company as part of its strategy.

In the traditional style of management-employee relationship, employees are instructed to accomplish specific goals and rewarded on the basis of their individual abilities in a way that makes them competitive with their co-workers.

Which may arouse jealousy and hatred among them. As for the modern view based on total quality, employees enjoy a wide range of movement in their work, as they motivate work improvement and have the powers to initiate performance improvement and prevent mistakes. Strategic goals are based on high quality and customer service instead of Increasing profit and reducing costs, and the reward is for the group and not for the individual. The training of employees is based on increasing their skills in many areas instead of training them in a specific skill, which gives them the ability to accomplish many tasks.

In order for the organization to manage human resources from this perspective, it must consider human resources as a major factor in designing the strategy. Therefore, all award-winning companies:

Malcolm B

The National Quality Lablrge has been very interested in human resources. For example, Sears and Federal Express rely heavily on their employees to implement their strategies.

Companies that adopt the “People First” philosophy in designing their strategies have similar characteristics, as training and qualification of employees is considered one of the most important things and is seen as a long-term investment. It also considers employees as a strategic planning tool for technological innovation and innovation in product and service. Therefore, Motorola gives its employees training of up to 160 hours per year in order to keep pace with technological changes and learn how to compete in global markets. In the Arab world, the employee takes only a few hours of training per year.

Another characteristic of companies that have a strategic structure that focuses on the quality of their employees is that employees have the authority to make decisions that improve quality and serve customers.

For example, AT&T employees can stop production if they notice any problem with the quality of the product. An employee at the Ritz Corlton Hotel has the authority to spend up to $2,000 in order to satisfy the customer, and to make sure that their human resource strategies are working well, these companies monitor employee satisfaction through Surveys of employees All companies that win the Malcolm Blablrge Award for Quality conduct an annual survey of their employees to assess employee satisfaction and to improve their job satisfaction. The comfortable work environment is the basis for improving job satisfaction, and Google is the best example of that.

Therefore, many companies give their employees flexibility in working hours, or companies establish fitness centers for their employees.

The strategic objectives related to quality and customer satisfaction require collective participation and work teams. Texas Instrument is keen to ensure that every employee is part of a team to solve problems related to quality. Here, all proposals must be viewed with interest. For example, Cadillac responds to the intensity of its employees’ proposals within 24 hours. .

One of the most important factors for the success of the strategy is that employees are aware of the strategic goals of the organization and feel that they are an important factor in achieving those goals.

In the battle of Hunayn, the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, understood this interest in human resources, so he distributed the spoils to the heads of the tribes and the nobles of Mecca and those whose hearts were to be reconciled. On the understanding of the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, that these people will have the greatest share in achieving the spread of Islam in the parts of the earth.

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