handbook of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Historical Aspects and Future Directions

We can broadly define mechanical engineering as a discipline that “involves the application of the principles of physics, and the design, manufacture, and maintenance of mechanical systems.” Sub-fields of classical mechanical engineering include: thermal and fluids, applied mechanics and design, materials and manufacturing processes, automation and control, etc.

Industrial engineering can be considered as a branch of mechanical engineering that is concerned with “increasing productivity through managing people, methods and techniques of business organization” or in other words, “Industrial engineering is the engineering of system efficiency”. Depending on the sub-areas involved, industrial engineering covers management science, operations management, systems engineering, manufacturing engineering, safety engineering, etc.

This book brings together contributions on the historical aspects and future directions of mechanical and industrial engineering. The first chapter of the book is devoted to tribology (a tool for mechanical and industrial engineering).

Chapter 2 describes cutting force modeling (formation, state of the art and evolution).

Chapter 3 contains the evolution of information for additive manufacturing processes (from back-end to hybrid printers).

Chapter 4 is devoted to Rails for E-Mobility (state-of-the-art review and new accession by shaping technology).

Chapter 5 describes the autorotation: from upgrading cannons to strengthening pressure vessels.

Chapter 6 contains information on the fabrication of fibrous composites (recent developments and future prospects). Finally, the seventh chapter is devoted to the management of industrial technologies.

This book can be recommended for a final undergraduate degree in engineering or even at the graduate level. In addition, the book can serve as a useful reference for academics, researchers, mechanical and industrial engineers, as well as for professionals in related industries. The scholarly interest in this book is evident to many universities, colleges and institutes, as well as industry. Therefore, it is hoped that this book will inspire research in mechanical and industrial engineering

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