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Food Industry

Food is what a person eats and drinks. Food means food for a person, such as eating and drinking and providing him with energy. Food is important and necessary for a person. By means of human growth, the functioning of the body, the organs can perform their functions, and thus the person performs his daily work.


Food Industry

All industries that provide people with food or drinks, ready or semi-ready, flour, juices, milk, biscuits, and everything you find inside the supermarket are food industries.

Food manufacturing

Food processing is the process of converting farm-harvested food into products that can be consumed directly
By man or ready for the process of cooking and eating
The production department in food processing contracts with a farm to provide it with raw materials for the food products it produces
Or the company establishes farms belonging to it directly
A list of characteristics and specifications that must be applied during cultivation is drawn up
To obtain raw materials with the required specifications
Then the planting process is monitored and the plants are checked for maturity and at harvest time
The materials are picked and sent to the factory to start the manufacturing stages

History of food manufacturing

The beginning of the food industry from ancient times
Where there were stone mills to grind grain to prepare it for kneading and baking
The ancients also preserved food, especially meat, with salt

Food engineering

Food engineering is the science that studies the composition of foods, their components, their benefits, and methods of processing and preservation

stages of food processing

The stage of food processing takes place with the arrival of the raw products of the company
The second examination of the products begins, as there is a preliminary examination on the farm during harvesting

Samples are taken from the materials, examined, and the characteristics and specifications are compared with the good specifications and characteristics

Developed by the metrology institutes and the company’s quality laboratory
After completing the examination, the result is positive
Materials are sent

-To the first washing stage

in which the products are washed from dust and suspended impurities
And move on to the second stage

-The second phase

It is the second wash for cleaning with water sprays to get rid of small and fine impurities and dirt
The raw materials must be pure and completely free from any impurities

-third level

Peeling and removing the shell and core
The raw materials contain a core and a shell that must be removed in order to complete the preparation process for manufacturing
Where used several methods of peeling k
Manual peeling
Steam peeling or freezing
Friction peeling
Peeling with chemical solutions

-The fourth stage

At this stage, the raw materials are ready and free from husks and kernels
But it contains some microbes and microorganisms attached to it, which will spoil it
The sulfurization and blanching process is used to kill microorganisms
Where by vulcanization, sulfur dioxide gas is passed to kill microorganisms
By boiling, the raw materials are heated

-level five

At this stage, the raw materials are ready for production and packaging
It is subject to examination and treatment during production, according to the type of raw material and food that will be produced
We have explained in an article
Food preservation methods used to preserve food during production and after canning


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