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To regulate all matters and affairs of life, there must be a law in which procedures are regulated and legislation is enacted that defines rights and duties and gives all parties their rights without discrimination or bias, and by law and order the employee is secure in his job and performs it in the best way, and the employer is secure in his work, and he knows that there are An officer who holds the reins in accordance with the course of the law and the progress of work procedures within the applicable legislation. One of the legal documents that regulate the engineering and construction work procedures is the FIDIC contract.

The FIDIC contract is a construction contract that regulates the series of construction work from A to Z. It belongs to the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, and the headquarters of FIDIC is located in Switzerland – Geneva. The FIDIC is a contract in which the broad lines and partial details of the construction work are drawn up and the employer’s relationship with the contractor is defined as well as with the supervisory body represented by the resident engineer. Unambiguously, and for this agreement to be a reference for all parties to work and as a legal document that obliges everyone to follow it.

The FIDIC contract has general and special conditions that everyone must abide by, and work begins with them as soon as the tender is presented, which includes the technical specifications for the construction works to be started, and mentions the specifications of the engineering plans that the contractor must adhere to once he is informed of the award decision, and the start of work is from After giving him the order to start executing the work, which in turn has a prescribed period in calendar days, and the calendar year is 365 calendar days.

The contractor shall be subject to the evaluation of the observations of the engineer supervising the performance of the project, and the contractor shall, in accordance with the FIDIC agreement, prepare all the notes stipulated in the bid document, which include technical specifications, engineering drawings, and bills of quantities, as well as commit to conducting laboratory tests of the project materials if he is requested to do so, and he has the right The resident engineer and the employer may not receive the project as long as the notes to be implemented are pending and the contractor has not implemented them.

According to the FIDIC law, there are so-called variation orders in the event that the urgent need arises to change the location of what is intended to be worked on, or force majeure circumstances arise that impede the work, and the contractor may claim in some cases what is called the malfunction and damage incurred during the implementation of the project so that the delay period is not counted.

From the project implementation period stipulated in the tender agreement in order to avoid fines resulting from the days of delay, and all of the above are some examples of the conditions and contents contained in the FIDIC agreement related to construction work.

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