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Feasibility study of aluminum extrusions factory

Aluminum Profiles Factory

The aluminum industry is considered one of the basic industries of our time due to the advantages of this metal such as light weight, ease of forming, rust resistance, durability and good conductivity of heat. And aluminum metal is considered one of the metals of relatively modern use, despite its abundance in nature, and the process of its discovery and extraction went through many stages during which it witnessed a lot of technical and economic developments until the aluminum industry has now become one of the most important metal industries, and given that the first aluminum industry is characterized by its heavy use of head Money, and its huge consumption of energy, and since these elements are available in the Arab Gulf countries, the aluminum industry has received a large amount of attention from these countries in an effort to expand the production base and diversify sources of income

Through the foregoing, we came up with the idea of establishing a factory for aluminum industries, due to the importance of this field and its connection with many industries such as doors, windows, kitchens, handrails, building facades, interior finishes, cars, electricity cables and other fields in which aluminum enters. The factory will produce good quality aluminum. Aluminum sections and rods, and we will seek to employ expert technicians and skilled workers in order to produce the best products according to international quality standards, while developing a strategy for the factory through its wise management, which worked on studying and preparing the project according to the best scientific methods, and we refined our goals in this study and analyzed the requirements of the project with the development of plans The marketing, development and operational aspects of the project, and this is what we will present in this study

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