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Feasibility study of a blacksmithing workshop

A blacksmith’s workshop is one of the production and service projects of great importance, as it provides a variety of products needed by a huge number of people such as (doors, gates, windows, balustrades, furniture, … etc.) It also provides necessary services represented in welding and repair. It is worth noting that the blacksmithing project is not new or innovative, as is the case with many other projects. Rather, it is classified within the category of eternal projects, but despite that it is still classified within the category of important and profitable projects.

Fill out a mini-marketing study, especially in the field of identifying competition in terms of:
Conducting a mini-technical study (technology used, manpower, site characteristics,…)
A revenue program was hypothesized based on a mini-study of the market and questioning specialists.
The monthly and annual revenue percentages were assumed in the income statement based on personal expectations shown at the top of the list
Sale for cash has been assumed in the statement of cash flows

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