How to design a training course

Course design refers to the planning and structuring of a course to achieve specific learning objectives. The course design process includes the following activities:

  • Setting appropriate goals
  • Choosing content that matches the goals
  • Choosing ways to achieve goals
  • Assess participants’ learning in relation to the objectives

As part of the design process, trainers should also consider:

o their teaching style
o Participants’ learning styles
o The role of the course in the general training effort

before starting training

Most design decisions must be made before entering the classroom. These decisions relate to these core areas:
o Content to be included
o The delivery methods to be used
o The time allotted for each goal
o Tools for assessing participant learning

during the training session

As you conduct the training, you will learn more about the participants and their needs. This information may lead you to make modifications to the course design. For example, after working with the group, you might decide

Changing the time allotment for a specific topic.
Changing the type of activity related to a particular topic, for example, from an individual activity to a group activity or vice versa.

At the conclusion of the training course

The information you gather at the conclusion of a training session will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your current training and help you improve future training sessions. To evaluate the course:
 Use appropriate evaluation tools and your own perceptions.


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