CNC Lathe Machining

Lathe Machining easily defines NC programs dedicated to machining 3D cylindrical parts using 2-axis turning and drilling operations, for both horizontal and vertical spindle lathe machines Quick tool path definition is ensured thanks to an intuitive user interface based on graphic dialog boxes Tools can be easily created and integrated to tool catalogs. Tool path can be generated simulated and analyzed,..

Whole manufacturing process is covered from tool path definition to NC data generation thanks to an integrated postprocessor execution engine. Shop floor documentation is automatically created in HTML format Finally, associativity with Version 5 design products allows productive design change management Suitable for all kinds of cylindrical machined parts, Lathe Machining fits the needs of Fabrication & Assembly industry, as well as all industries where lathe machining techniques are involved…

It can be used in shop-floors as a stand-alone product for CAM-centric customers, who will particularly appreciate the product’s ease-of-use and high level of manufacturing capabilities Lathe Machining can be combined with DELMIA products for overall manufacturing process integration, simulation and optimization, particularly for bigger customers concerned by high quality and quick time-to-market..

Site Map
Getting Started
Open the Part to Machine
Create a Lathe Roughing Operation
Replay the Toolpath
Create a Lathe Grooving Operation
Create Lathe Profile Finishing Operation
Generate NC Code
Basic Tasks
Lathe Machining Operations
Longitudinal Roughing
Face Roughing
Parallel Contour Roughing
Profile Finishing
Groove Finishing
Axial Machining Operations
Manufacturing Entities
Auxiliary Operations
Verification, Simulation and Program Output
Part Operations, Programs and Processes
Advanced Tasks
Workbench Description
Menu Bar
Specification Tree
Reference Information
Lathe Operations
Cutter Compensation and Finish Operations
Changing the Output PointGlossary
Site Map
Getting Started
Basic Tasks
Advanced Tasks

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