Bow Ties In Risk Management

The purpose of this concept book is to establish a set of practical advice on how to conduct bow tie analysis and develop useful bow tie diagrams for risk management. It describes the intended audience, gives directions on how to use the concept book and provides a basic introduction to the method, which is expanded in the following chapters. It explains the rationale for developing bow tie diagrams and how they fit into an overall risk management framework.

CCPS concept books address newer techniques in process safety that have not yet become accepted standard practice or where there is not yet industry consensus on approach. In EI publications, concept books are termed esearch eports in its series of technical publications.

Concept books introduce these valuable tools in a simple and straightforward manner. CCPS and EI encourage the use of this concept book to aid the industry in developing better quality bow tie diagrams with a consistent methodology and preferred terminology for their use.

Implementation of the methodology outlined in this CCPS / EI book should improve the quality of bow tie analysis and bow tie diagrams across an organi ation and industry.

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