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Automated Rolling process

Automation areas Rolling kiln Finishing kiln The aim of the kiln is the automation tools in the kiln

Automation System in the Furnace Objective of the oven The main objective of the ovens is to reheat the billet to the degree of reshaping by plastic forming with the least energy and cost. Automation tools in the oven The automatic tools for the oven or any automatic system are divided into levels, starting from the zero level (driving devices). In general, the automation tools are divided into the following: The third level, the supervisory control system, SUPER VISOR, the second level, the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA program), the level SCADA The first is the PLC logical control program, the zero level, the DRIVES system, such as actuators and sensors, hot metal detectors (HMD), photo cells = proximity sensors, Proximities, Flow sensors
Pressure sensor- pressure sensors
Limit switches Level switches Thermostat Thermostat Centrifugal relay

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