Additive Manufacturing Processes

Additive manufacturing (AM)

Additive manufacturing (AM) is a relatively new manufacturing method for making products. No single book deals exclusively with the various manufacturing processes, and this book is written to fill the gap. Focus on communication.

The Smart Processing System (SMS) is based on modern metal cutting theory and intelligent manufacturing technology, which can intelligently predict and improve the cutting process based on system perception and feedback. It adopts advanced theory in online data sensing and processing and implements real-time monitoring of the processing process. Through the application of artificial intelligence technology (i.e., machine learning approaches), the processing status is determined and the process parameters are optimized in real time, enabling the intelligent control of the processing system to obtain the ideal workpiece quality and automation efficiency

The book is divided into 12 chapters. Chapter 1, named as Introduction defines an AM process and summarizes all AM processes. Chapter 2, named as Classification, attempts to classify all AM processes. There is yet no classification which takes into account all AM processes, and thus the given classification will provide the requisite classification. In order to address various categories of AM processes, new names such as powder bed process, photopolymer bed process, solid deposition process, liquid deposition process, air deposition process, ion deposition process, etc. are coined. Each of the chapters from Chapter 3 to 10 owes its name to the classification. Laser Powder Bed Fusion is the name of Chapter 3, Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion is the name of Chapter 4 while Chapter 5 is Other Powder Bed Processes. Beam Based Solid Deposition Process is the name of Chapter 6 while Chapter 7 is Other Solid Deposition Processes. Chapter 8, named as Liquid Based Additive Layer Manufacturing consists of liquid bed process and liquid deposition process. Chapter 9, named as Air and Ion Deposition Processes deals with air deposition process and ion deposition process while Chapter 10 is Additive Non-Layer Manufacturing. Sheet based processes is placed in Chapter 11. There are some possibilities for future process development, which are given in the last chapter – Chapter 12.

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