A file that shows you the steps of designing a sewage networks

Wastewater Networks from start to finish


After providing consumers with the water they need (potable water), consumers use this water in different places and for different purposes, such as using it in residential buildings for washing, cleaning, showering, etc., and using it in factories, hospitals, and so on. The water resulting from the use process is polluted and harmful to the environment (waste water) because it is the result of cleaning operations and use in bathrooms, etc. Therefore, this water must be disposed of in a proper manner that does not harm the environment. The main objective of sewage networks is to drain polluted water (wastewater) from various areas (residential areas, industrial and commercial facilities, public buildings such as hospitals, schools, cultural centers, agricultural areas, etc.) Sewage water, which is a set of manifold pipes that starts from the main source, which is the places of users such as homes, hospitals, etc., and is collected in collection points (Manholes) to be transferred to larger conveyor pipes to end up in a collection basin for all this water ( Treatment Plant) to be treated and reused.

A sewer network, which forms the main component of a sewerage system, is defined as a conglomeration of pipes and sewers that work together to collect and drain wastewater from the population or industrial centers to off-site treatment facilities. At the treatment facility, the waste is treated to prevent any disease spread before being returned to the environment.

In built up environments, the sewer network consists of a serious of pipe networks that drain buildings and city blocks. Special drainage outlets connect the lines of the sewer network running within individual facilities to the group network. Typically, small pipes leave our homes and other buildings and join trunk sewers that are much larger in diameter. A primary element of the sewer network is the manhole, which is vital for routine inspection and repairs.

Here is a pdf file that shows you the steps to design a sewage network from start to finish in a smooth manner
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